Nightfall-Late Special

Nightfall-Late Special 2-13-81

Dark Was the Night (2014)

“Dark Was the Night” is an interesting movie that follows all of the rules of the classic monster formula’s. Unfortunately, the film is a bit uneven and falls a bit short when it’s final reveal is brought to light. It’s an age old formula; never show your monster. “Dark” follows this rule very well. We [...]

Tales Of Horror Spirits Of The Lake

Tales Of Horror Spirits Of The Lake 1-7-36  or

Crawl (2011)

It’s well known that I base a lot of expectations on a video cover and a plot drop. I know we’re not supposed to, but a good movie cover hints towards a lot of good things to come. In the case of “Crawl”, it’s plot drop hinted of a seedy bar owner, a Croation hitman [...]

Plague (2014)

Plague is not a bad movie in the over run world of post apocalyptic viral outbreak movies. It’s not quite a stand out either though. There isn’t much terribly new going on in this Australian zombie flick, but if you enjoy watching how the regular denizens of society change when dealing with such a traumatic [...]

The Cinema Fromage Podcast Episode 25 – The Penny Dreadful Picture Show

It’s a new week, time for a new show! This week, Casey and Colleen take on their first anthology flick with 2013′s “The Penny Dreadful Picture Show”! Follow us on Facebook! Come talk cheesy movies! Follow us on Twitter! Casey and Colleen!

Eclectic Basement

Eclectic Basement - Milwaukee

Red Pepper Isolated On White Background

red pepper isolated on white background

Nightfall-The Book Of Hell

Nightfall-The Book Of Hell 3-7-8

Fried Egg With Bacon In A Frying Pan

fried egg with bacon in a frying pan shoot in studio

Loaf Cake With Raisins On A Plate

Birmingham Babes
loaf cake with raisins on a plate and a fork

Organic Pinto Beans Are Good For Stew Or Soup

organic pinto beans are good for stew or soup

FFS, you don’t need to remind me, Netflix.

FFS, you don’t need to remind me, Netflix.

FFS, you don’t need to remind me, Netflix.