McKinney’s Controversial Book? [Book Review]

Plague of the Undead has caused some controversy. Zombiephiles have threatened to stop reading Joe McKinney books. Perhaps it’s because the story is based so far into the future, but McKinney has a way of describing this post-apocalyptic world without being too wordy, and yet the images stay with you, even when you’ve finished the story…very disturbing images. This story […]

Paul Bunyan As A Zombie [Book Review]

Bunyan Undead by Joseph Williams is a treat for fans of the undead and American folklore. I admit, being a resident of Michigan, the setting intrigued me, but the way the author took a folklore legend and twisted Paul Bunyan into a raging undead monster was too good to resist! I’m not sure what this says about me, but I […]

Thrilling Conclusion To Alaskan Undead Apocalypse

Back in 2012, I began the journey with Schubert’s Infection; I still think it’s one of the top three zombie series that I’ve ever read. Containment was slow yet satisfying. Mitigation brought us up to speed with characters from the beginning of the outbreak. Resolution by Sean Schubert is the best book in the series…it wrapped up loose ends without […]

Drive By Review [Book Review]

The Dead Boy by Craig Saunders has so many twists and turns that reading this novella is like driving down a dirt road at night, not knowing what will jump out in front of you. There is a lot of action throughout the story, and just enough information about the characters to make you pay attention to all of them. […]

New Z Plan Series [Book Review]

Mikhail Lerma is the author of the Z Plan series. I committed to reading and reviewing the first two books of the series, so I’m recommending the Z Plan series, even though I thought Blood On The Sand was a weak start. After having read the second book, I think the story becomes much more interesting, and the author’s writing […]

Crazy Dog F*ckers [Book Review]

Mute by Jeffrey Hale, released by Grand Mal Press, is very unusual. Both the story and the format are something very different for the zombie genre, although it’s up for debate whether or not the Mutes/Mimes qualify as zombies. They are definitely infected, bloodthirsty and a threat to mankind. What I like about the format is the memory flashes provided […]

The End of Judgment Day [Book Review]

Retribution, following Redemption, reveals how personal relationships between main characters have unfolded, while adding new characters and storylines that widen the scope of this trilogy. The result is not just incredible action sequences, but also very emotional drama within a three-way battle to exist in a post-apocalyptic world…a battle between those who are immune, those who need a vaccine, and…The Children. […]

Must-Read For 2014 [Book Review]

Fans of The Infection by Craig DiLouie will most likely enjoy the mutating undead in Sudden Death by James Carlson, although there is nothing sudden about it. You don’t simply READ this book, you PHYSICALLY EXPERIENCE this story. I felt as exhausted as the survivors by the time I reached the end, but in a good “I won’t be sleeping anytime […]

Theater Five-Lorna Is A Strange Child

Theater Five-Lorna Is A Strange Child 4-27-6

Sunday Shorts: NIGHT SWIM

Welcome to a special Monday edition of Sunday Shorts! (I fell asleep before posting...)

NIGHT SWIM, directed by Rod Blackhurst + Bryce James McGuire, stars Megalyn Echikunwoke -- you might remember her from The 4400 and House of Lies -- as a young woman who gets interrupted during a swim.

I like the way it plays on one of our biggest primal fears: darkness. No crazy effects or exploding heads here. Our imagination does most of the heavy lifting. The setting also adds an extra level of vulnerability.

The Cinema Fromage Podcast Episode 6 – “Murder Party”

It’s been awhile since Colleen and I hosted a party, so we figured that since it was the holidays, why not have one now! Except, it got out of hand. It turned into a …MURDER PARTY! That’s right, this week Coll and I sit down to watch 2007′s “Murder Party” directed by “Blue Ruin” director [...]

The Creaking Door-Aunt Mae

The Creaking Door-Aunt Mae

The Cinema Fromage Podcast Episode 5 – “Wolfcop”

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to dig back into our favorite pastime, cheesy movies! With this weeks selection “Wolfcop”, we certainly made sure to fit that criteria. With a tagline like ‘Here comes the fuzz”, for a movie about a cop…named Lou Garou…who’s also a werewolf, how could we pass it up? Would [...]

Hermits Cave-The Search Fo rLife

Hermits Cave-The Search Fo rLife

Sunday Shorts: 444-444-4444

This week’s installment is one of two shorts from Takashi Shimizu that inspired Ju-on and The Grudge. Love the simple set up and the creepy pay off.