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Dec 1, Valentine Horror Help

In the 80's there was another horror movie (besides My Bloody Valentine) that took place on Valentine's day. What WAS it? I cannot for the life of me

Episode 65 of the Midnight Podcast (11-30-07)

Episode 65 of the Midnight Podcast 24 min and 30 sec (11-30-07):


This week on the Midnight Podcast.......


- Two zombie movie reviews

* Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker (2001)

* 28 Weeks Later (2007) by Kings Town Ted


- One not quite zombie review

* Skull and Bones (2007)



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Root Rot

Tales of Horror 95 The Hunt

Tales Of Horror Presents Boris Karloff in The Hunt

Tales of Horror 95 The Hunt

Tales Of Horror Presents Boris Karloff in The Hunt

Tales of Horror 95 The Hunt

Tales Of Horror Presents Boris Karloff in The Hunt

Horror Roundtable – Week Seventy-Five

Name something in a horror movie that frightens you or makes you squirm but doesn’t seem to scare anyone else you know. Casey Criswell - Cinema Fromage Spiders make me scream like a girl. For instance, I watched Arachnophobia from my best friends kitchen peeking around the corner. Just this past weekend, when watching [...]

Awaken the Dead (2007)

It’s from Brain Damage Films, so entertainment quality is a gamble. However… A priest with a troubled past and an assassin’s daughter find themselves trapped in a house surrounded by the undead. As they battle each other and the walking dead, the secret threads of their past lives bind them together in a web of conspiracy [...]


Review by Noel

Look at the DVD cover of Skinwalkers right now…because unfortunately it’s the scariest part of the movie. Look at it, a female werewolf with her fangs bared holds so much promise for the rest of the movie…

Yet as soon as you press “Play” all those potential scares and any audience goodwill leaks out like air from tire.

Sigh. Walk away. Walk far away from Skinwalkers. I’m sure there’s some homeless shelter you can volunteer at for the holidays or watch The Mist again…just don’t waste your life watching this…

I suppose I need to write what this is about. Sigh again…

Skinwalkers (aka werewolves) have two warring factions: those that love the werewolf hunger to feed and kill anything in their path…and those that don’t. But there’s a very special boy that can end the Skinwalker curse…or keep it going forever if he is killed by the time of the Red Blood Moon.

Who knows what kind of destruction will ensue if the bad Skinwalkers (those that want to remain werewolves forever) kill the boy? Who cares? I’m sure there are many other things you could be doing with the 90 minutes you’d spend watching this. (more…)

Blood Car

Review by Tony DeFrancisco

Outrageous prices in gas and killing people combine into one of the biggest and craziest independent movies that I have ever seen. If you HATE movies that deal with killing kids, babies, animals, and other people, then by all means stay the fuck away from this film. But if you love the following, keep reading the review, because it’s packed into one fantastic indie film. Blood Car, directed by Alex Orr and stars Mike Brune, is a fantastic look into what could be in the future. And if this really is going to happen one day, I’m already looking forward to it.

In two weeks, gas prices will be at thirty-two dollars a gallon. People have abandoned the use of cars by either walking or riding their bikes. The only time they use cars is to have sex in them at the “car graveyard.” Archie Andrews (Mike Brune) is a kindergarten teacher, who has enough and decides to experiment on ways how to start up the car. He cuts himself, and figures out the secret ingredient – blood! While trying it out, his car starts, and it can drive! But the blood runs out quickly, so in order for the car to keep working, Archie picks up hitchhikers, shoots animals, and kills old people in the park that don’t have legs and arms. The government, however, starts tracking him down and watches his every move and kill.

There’s a lot more to Blood Car than what it seems like. It’s filled with a few subplots that seem to take up a lot of the time and it makes the film more interesting. One of the subplots is that Archie is a vegan who buys wheatgrass from Lorraine (Anna Chlumsky, from My Girl fame). If you know what a vegan is, you know how unusual it is for a guy who hates meat to kill people for their blood (and this guy has shirts and shit to prove how much he hates meat). In a few scenes after he kills a few people (and animals), the guy breaks down crying his eyes out. (more…)

Midnight Podcast Episode 65

This week on the Midnight Podcast…….

  • Two zombie movie reviews
    • Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker (2001)
    • 28 Weeks Later (2007) by Kings Town Ted
  • One not quite zombie review
    • Skull and Bones (2007)

awesome movie poster friday- the LAME edition!

Ryan Daley Calls ‘Awake’ a One-Trick Pony

We just added our official review for Awake, which is now in theaters everywhere. Here's what Ryan Daley thought, "A thin premise stretched to its breaking point, AWAKE takes the most eclectic cast this side of TRUE ROMANCE and ruins any possibility of chemistry with heinous dialogue and a ludicrous plot. If you like shitty movies that try to hide under the guise of a tantalizing trailer, i.e. WHITE NOISE or CONGO, then you owe it to yourself to give AWAKE a look." Click the title for the full review.

SpookyDan Chimes in on ‘Buried Alive’ and Web Content

This past month a new online horror series was launched, BURIED ALIVE, which opens a lot of doors but leaves us with many questions. SpookyDan chimed in on the the new series, which also has an intricate viral marketing campaign in place. Did he like it? Could he even get it to load? All of your questions are answered inside.

Official Synopses For ‘Quarantined’ and ‘Cloverfield’

We've scored official synopses for two upcoming films that we're pretty freaking excited for. Inside you'll find a synopsis for Paramount Pictures' Cloverfield, which hits theaters January 18, 2008 with major hype behind it; you'll also read all about Sony Screen Gems' Quarantined, their remake to the Spanish horror film [REC], which is one of our favorite horror films of 2007. Quarantined hits theaters next October. Read on for the synopses.

Firs Look at Ol Red From ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’

Universal Pictures has just debuted the first look at "Helllboy" (Ron Pearlman) from Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which can be found on the official production site. The new art is featured in the "Image" section.... where you'll also find looks at Abe Sapien and Selma Blair. In theaters July 11, the mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, so Hellboy and his team must save the world from the rebellious creatures.