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Story Starters

'Eternal Sunshine' drug selectively erases memories

"Spider God" Temple Found in Peru

Stalked at midnight ... by a hearse

Vampire Moth Discovered

Woman arrested for killing virtual husband

Young blonde woman's ghost haunts restaurant

New ‘Friday the 13th’ Behind-the-Scenes Photos

B-D reader 'SilverAG' tipped us off to 13 (get it?) new behind-the-scenes photos from New Line Cinema's Friday the 13th (trailer), which arrives in theaters February 13, 2009. Click here for our exclusive report from the set or read on for the pics. The pic directed by Marcus Nispel is the retelling of the original Friday the 13th about teenaged summer camp counselors that are systematically slaughtered by a mysterious killer. Jason Voorhees will wear the mask and kill, keeping the famous setting of Crystal Lake.

‘Creepshow Raw’ Trailer, Exclusive Interview and Stills!

Back in 1982 George A. Romero brought us CREEPSHOW, a horror anthology that has since become a favorite amongst horror fans everywhere. Arriving later this year, or early next is Creepshow Raw, a new online series inspired by the original films. The series will consists of 10-13 episode that all run about 6-8 minutes long. We caught up with Producer Todd Roy who talks in detail about what we can expect, all of the details can be found inside. Also beyond the break you'll discover the first badass trailer, along with a batch of exclusive stills.

SUPER Bloody and Gory Clip From ‘Laid to Rest’ – A Must See!!

Not since HATCHET graced theaters have I seen such carnage rage across my screen. If you head on over to BDTV you can watch a tremendous kill sequel from Rob Hall's Laid to Rest, which is tentatively slated to hit theaters in February 2009. The clip features stars Jonathan Schaech and Jana Kramer being attacked by a vicious killer known as "Chrome Skull" - tell us what you think immediately! Anchor Bay's film tells the story of a young girl who wakes up in a casket with a traumatic head injury and no memory of her identity. She quickly realizes she was abducted by a Deranged Serial Murderer and in an isolated rural town she must survive the night and outsmart the technologically inclined killer who is hellbent on finishing what he started.

Horrorfest ’09: Early ‘Slaughter’ and ‘Butterfly Effect 3’ One Sheets

This afternoon we got our hands on an exclusive look at the early one sheet for Stewart Hopewell's Slaughter, one of next year's "8 Films to Die For". You'll find the poster for that, along with one for The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, which is also playing in next year's AFTER DARK HORROR FEST, which runs January 9-15 nationwide (get details on several films here). Click either title above for more information on the films.

Special Halloween Treat: First Ever Image From Romero’s Latest!

Director George A. Romero has a very special Halloween treat for you guys... beyond the break you'll find the first ever action-packed image from Romero's latest "OF THE DEAD" zombie pic, which features your first look at one of the new zombies. The pic involves inhabitants of an isolated island off the North American coast who find their relatives rising from the dead to eat their kin. The leaders of the island feud over whether or not to kill their reanimated relatives or preserve them in hopes of finding a cure. Read on for a look and watch for more news soon.

Wes Craven Picks HIs Favorite Halloween YouTube Shorts!

The best part of Halloween (besides the candy) is all of the websites who contribute exclusive content to the holiday. We have dozens of new top 10 lists, feature pieces, exclusive interviews and videos. Today Wes Craven posted his favorite Halloween-themed YouTube videos for all horror fans to enjoy. Read on to watch them all!

William Baldwin to Topline ‘High Midnight’

Another interesting film currently casting up is High Midnight, which is slated to be directed by Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary). Inside you can read a few more details on the plot for the vampire film, which centers on a broken-down sheriff who is forced to team up with an obsessed Victorian vampire hunter in order to stop an evil, undead force from consuming a frontier town in 1892 New Mexico. It is also revealed that William Baldwin ('eff off, the Baldwins are awesome) will star.

First 6 Minutes of ‘Molly Hartley’, Exclusive Interview, Write Your Own Reviews!

If you head on over to Yahoo! Movies you can check out the first 6 minutes of Roadside Attractions' The Haunting of Molly Hartley (write your review), which is now in theaters everywhere. In addition, you can now read our exclusive one-on-one interview with director Mickey Liddell, who chats about what type of film you're about to see, along with what it took to get it into theaters. Don't forget to write your own reviews as the film was not screened for us critics, tell other Bloody-Disgusting users whether or not to see this PG-13 flick.

“Can You Handle This Onslaught of Gore?”

Happy Halloween everyone.  I've posted a new audio file to my myspace profile page:  "How to Grow a Man Eating Plant" -- a live recording from my reading at the Penn Highlands Community Coll...

“Can You Handle This Onslaught of Gore?”

Happy Halloween everyone.  I've posted a new audio file to my myspace profile page:  "How to Grow a Man Eating Plant" -- a live recording from my reading at the Penn Highlands Community Coll...

Behind the Scenes of Hellboy II

To gear up for the DVD release of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, coming to you on 3-Disc DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def  on November 11th, 2008, we’d love to share some behind-the-scenes clips we received a from Universal!


In the first cool clip, Guillermo del Toro takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the Troll Market:

The second clip shows Guillermo del Toro and Seth McFarlane discussing the voicing and animation of the character of Johann:

The final clip gives us an inside look at the imaginative creatures of the film:

Hellboy II: The Golden Army will arrive on 3-disc DVD & Blu-ray Hi-Def November 11th, 2008. Also available will be a special 3-Disc Collector’s Set including the 3-Disc DVD, poster, excerpts from the journal of Director Guillermo del Toro and limited edition golden army statue.

Watch “The Frolic” for Free this Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween’s best ghouls, ghosts and monsters, Wonder Entertainment and filmbaby.com are proud to announce the FREE LIMITED WEB RELEASE of the short film THE FROLIC, directed by Jacob Cooney.

Based on the short story by award-winning author Thomas Ligotti, THE FROLIC follows a prison psychologist (Michael Reilly Burke) as he uncovers a deadly supernatural force in one of his inmate patients (Maury Sterling), which leads him to his breaking point and the potential demise of his family.

Since it’s release, THE FROLIC has played in numerous film festivals including the LA International Shorts Festival, the Dead by Dawn Film Festival in Scotland, the Short Film Corner at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, ShriekFest, the World Horror Convention and FantasyCon London.

Critics have boasted:

“Jacob Cooney’s film version of THE FROLIC, from a script co-written by Ligotti himself, is a masterful slice of psychological horror given a creepy supernatural twist. The three leads give solid, understated performances that only serve to increase the gradually heightening sense of horror as we begin to learn more about the mysterious patient ‘John Doe’ and what exactly the film’s deceptively lyrical title really stands for. This is a little gem of twisted terror.” — STEPHEN JONES, World Fantasy Award-winning author and editor

“Based on Thomas Ligotti’s short story, THE FROLIC is a creepy piece of work, relying on the strength of the actors and the surefire direction of Jacob Cooney. It is neither graphic nor gory, but this film really gets under your skin and lets your imagination work for you. This supernatural thriller is one of the better indie thriller shorts out there, and definitely deserves a look.” – FATALLY-YOURS.COM (read full review)

Along with releasing the film online for free for a limited time (October 30th thru November 4th), filmbaby.com and Wonder Entertainment are also offering a SPECIAL $10.00 HALLOWEEN DISCOUNT on all non-autographed Frolic Collectors Edition DVD’s purchased through this weekend. This COLLECTORS EDITION dvd and book set contains a newly revised “The Frolic” short story with a new introduction by Thomas Ligotti, The Frolic short film, and behind the scenes interviews with Thomas Ligotti, Brandon Trenz, Jacob Cooney, Jane Kosek and Maury Sterling.

To view the film online, please visit: www.wonderentertainment.com

To purchase the Collectors Edition DVD and Book set at a discount, please use the following filmbaby coupon discount code: ytfrolicdvd

Midnight Podcast Episode 108

Happy Halloween! Time to die.

Zombie News:

Real News - “Cannibal cult mother who skinned son and made him eat his own flesh gets 9 years in jail”

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EA Game Takes Trip to Hell, Brings Studios With

Four studios are in a high-stakes bidding battle for rights to a new videogame from Electronic Arts that hasnt even been publicly announced yet. The game, which is expected to launch late next year, involves a journey through the depths of hell. EA hasnt officially titled it yet, though sources said its likely to be called DANTE'S INFERNO, as its a modern interpretation of the epic poem. Publisher has reportedly cleared that title for usage. By Thursday evening, Universal, Paramount, New Regency and MGM were battling for the property, after Warner Bros. dropped out earlier in the day. EA's DEAD SPACE in now available on most platforms and is receiving rave reviews.