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Feb 1, Shadows Independent Horror Review from BHM: Patience Pays Off

Shadows is a haunting Macedonian tale that details a young doctor's attempt at gaining his life back after a horrendous car accident that should have left him dead.

Trailer and One Sheet For IFC’s ‘Wild Man of Navidad’

Over at BDTV you'll find our exclusive look at the trailer for IFC's WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD. Produced by the team who did TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, this movie is a scary and often hilarious (true!) story of a back-water town being haunted by a mysterious man-monster - the Beast of the Navidad. The film opens February 4th on IFC's Festival Direct outlet. Beyond the break you can check out the trailer.

‘Friday’ Deleted Scenes Revealed, DVD Talk & ‘Birds’ Update!

Yesterday we brought you the latest chatter on a sequel to Friday the 13th, now we've got exclusive word on some of the deleted scenes you'll find on the DVD (one that's quite interesting), along with an update on Platinum Dunes' remake of The Birds. Beware that spoilers do follow beyond the break and check out Jason Voorhees' return to theaters on February 13th.

Episode #76 “Blood of The Dead” Chapters 1-4

itunes pic
Here with another special podcast where you can catch up with A.P. Fuchs' most wonderful "Blood of the Dead". Presented for you with no commercial interruptions are: Joe Baily: Zombie Hunter Billie Friday: Punk Girl Des Nottingham: Zombie Wrangler August Norton: Recluse Christian Dude If you haven't listened to them, do so now. If you've listened to them before, do it again. And let's get ready for the new chapters to be presented in the upcoming "Library of the Living Dead Podcasts"! Doc

Afro Samurai: Resurrection

I wasn’t a big fan of the series, but this feature length anime was pretty entertaining. The storytelling was much better this time around. Really makes me want to experiment with animation -- I don’t have the skill to do anything on that level, but you can do wonders with Flash these days. A short motion comic, like they did for “Watchmen” wouldn’t be incredibly demanding... something to put on the back burner for later this year.

New One Sheet For ‘Hanger’

This morning we got our hands on the new one sheet for the indie pic HANGER, which is directed by Ryan Nicholson with Dan Walton producing. Pulled into this world to take you out! A horrifying tale of revenge... beginning with a back-alley abortion and ending with a bloodbath so vicious that it brings a new meaning to 'an eye for eye'. From pimps to dealers, from hookers and junkies... 'Hanger' washes the filth away with their own blood, cleaning the streets and making way for the ultimate showdown of good vs. evil. Diving headfirst into the depths of human depravity, Plotdigger Films plans on turning the world of horror inside out and letting it all hang out to dry!

Relativity Media Taps Director For Game of ‘Tag’

The boys over Graphic Content - Bloody-Disgusting's horror comic book section - has got the scoop on who will be directing the adaptation of Boom! Studios' comic book Tag, which is being produced by Relativity Media (Rogue Pictures) from an adapted screenplay by Carey Malloy. You can find out who is directing at the link above. For those of you unacquainted with TAG, it's a pretty crazy story about passing on the curse of decomposition (definitely worthy of a TPB pickup). Watch for casting soon.

scenes i love – the fog

Book Review: The Midnight Club

The cover of this book is rather misleading: blood and candles. Looking at it you might expect the story to be about a serial killer with a fetish for naked flames, or something equally strange and gory, but The Midnight Club is not really a horror story at all. Not in the traditional sense anyway, but neither is it exactly a light-hearted read because all of the central characters are dying... [Excerpt only. Full review available on site]

Huge ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Casting News!

Bloody-Disgusting was tipped off this evening that genre fav Jena Malone (Donnie Darko, The Ruins) has been tapped to topline MGM's "top secret" horror project, The Cabin in the Woods, which was co-written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, with Goddard set to also direct. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford were the first announced to star last week. Much like CLOVERFIELD, which Goddard scripted, the CABIN story line provides a new twist on a classic scenario -- in this case the young-people-stranded-in-the-woods horror trope. The film is said to be the horror movie to end all horror movies. CABIN IN THE WOODS is slated for release on February 10, 2010.

‘Not Forgotten’ Acquired by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Anchor Bay Films has picked up all rights for the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia for Myriad Pictures genre thriller Not Forgotten, starring Simon Baker and Paz Vega and directed by Dror Soref. The deal comes on the heels of two successful screenings of the film at the just-completed Slamdance Film Festival. Beyond the break you can read more and check out the first batch of stills.

‘Friday’ Sequel Talk, ‘Elm Street’ Update and ‘FvJ 2’

With Friday the 13th arriving in theaters everywhere on February 13th, we caught up with Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller who talked with Bloody-Disgusting exclusively about the film, its potential sequel, the status on A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and even touches on FREDDY VS JASON 2. You can read all of the juicy details beyond the break or click the title above for over 40 hi-res stills.

Official One Sheet and Release Plans For ‘Surveillance’

Magnolia Pictures provided Bloody-Disgusting with your look at the final one sheet for Jennifer Chambers Lynch's Surveillance, which premieres May 29th on VOD and in theatres June 26th. The film is about an FBI agent tracking a serial killer with the help of his would-be-victims, all of whom have very different stories of their experiences.

Eternal Vigilance 2, The Death of Illusions Available for Pre-Order!

Eternal Vigilance - The Death of IllusionsWe’ve received news today that the second installment of the Eternal Vigilance (review) vampire book series, entitled The Death of Illusions and penned by our own staff writer Gabrielle Faust, is now available for pre-order!

The official release date is currently set for late March, but you can reserve your copy today. An added bonus, the first 20 pre-orders from GabrielleFaust.com will receive a beautiful Celtic bookmark from Oberon Design!

The official press release:

AUSTIN, TX - Technohorror author and horror industry entertainment journalist Gabrielle S. Faust announces the release of the second novel in her post-apocalyptic vampire series, Eternal Vigilance, by publisher Immanion Press (Stafford, UK), owned and operated by legendary fantasy author Storm Constantine.

With the second installment of the acclaimed Eternal Vigilance vampire series, Gabrielle S. Faust, referred to as the new “Queen of Cyber Goth”, continues her epic story of Tynan Llywelyn and his quest to save the world from an evil technological dictatorship and the vampiric god they wish to invoke.

In the year 2111 Tynan Llywelyn, the forsaken philosophical leader of the Immortal vampire race, awoke after a century’s Sleep to a world decimated by war. Drawn into a new societal structure bitterly divided between ancient magic and a cruel new technology known as the Chronous, Tynan has found himself at the heart of an epic battle to bring down the Tyst Empire, a merciless international dictatorship. The Tyst crave more than global domination; they desire true Immortality and have made a pact with an ancient vampiric god called the Vicinus who has promised them eternal life in exchange for freeing him from his otherworldly prison. Tynan would have liked nothing more than to simply turn his back on the war, but his vampire Elders and the Phuree, a cunning human rebel uprising, had other plans in store for him. He was not only to join in the fight, but he was to be the vampire to take down the Tyst Empire and bring the Vicinus to his knees.

A year later, struggling against the ironclad orders of his Elders and his own vicious moral demons, Tynan has relented and agreed to complete the mission the Phuree and Immortals have devised for him. Amidst a crumbling Immortal legacy and a divided human world suffocating from fear and bloodshed, he will lead the way towards the front lines of a war against a colossal empire he has barely begun to comprehend and a primordial force hell-bent on destroying the world. Tynan can only pray now that the Immortals and Phuree have chosen in him wisely.

What the literary world is saying about Eternal Vigilance, The Death of Illusions:

“With the Eternal Vigilance trilogy, Gabrielle S. Faust has given the vampire genre a much needed vitamin B-12 injection and made herself the Queen of Cyber Goth. The Death of Illusions ups the ante and action of the first book, setting the stage for what promises to be an epic resolution. All of this is accomplished with a lush love of poetic language that puts Faust in a class of her own.”
- Greg Lamberson, Johnny Gruesome and Personal Demons

“Vampires are comfortable in their familiarity, in their Gothic surroundings as ornate as their inner contortions. Faust pulls vampires out of their well-worn trappings and puts them in the realm of the desolate. Deal with it.”
- Michael Marano, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author of Dawn Song

“Once again, Ms. Faust has woven a tale of intrigue and suspense. Written in a hauntingly realistic and atmospheric style, Eternal Vigilance II and its predecessor represent an intelligent progression in American horror literature that can’t be overlooked.”
- Raven Digitalis, Shadow Magick Compendium & Goth Craft

“In Eternal Vigilance 2, Gabrielle Faust delivers an intense, captivating story of dark suspense with a combination of fascinating dialogue and narrative that draws you into its grasp and refuses to let go until the very last wicked word!”
- Bev Walton-Porter, Author/Editor/Publisher - Scribe & Quill

To pre-order the novel, visit http://www.gabriellefaust.com/about-book-two!

Watch the Eternal Vigilance - The Death of Illusions book trailer:

American Horrors Brand Lands on American Shores

The Garbage ManLOS ANGELES, CA- The scariest man in America, Hart D. Fisher, through his production company Crime Pays Inc., announced that he has entered into an agreement with Todd Taylor’s Indie Pictures to distribute his American Horrors brand of horror themed programming throughout America beginning in June with the long awaited DVD release of Fisher’s directorial debut, The Garbage Man.

“This distribution agreement, along with our foreign broadcast television deals, is a major opportunity for independent horror creators across America.” Said producer Hart D. Fisher. “I will be overseeing all aspects of this deal personally, from film selection, advertising, marketing, packaging, the works. Todd is a visionary businessman with a great hunger to change the way the horror business works. Together we’re going to turn this genre on its head.”

The first film released under the American Horrors label through Indie Pictures, The Garbage Man, will be released in stores June, 2009.  The DVD release of the critically acclaimed film will feature an introduction by the director discussing the tragedies associated with the making of the film, namely the motel murder of Mr. Fisher’s first love and live in girlfriend during the making of The Garbage Man and the subsequent decade of murder trials that followed. Testifying and suffering through 3 different murder trials to keep her murderer locked up in prison, Mr. Fisher has never discussed these events publicly, until now.

Says Fisher, “There’s a great deal of personal pain associated with The Garbage Man, it’s not something I’ve ever been able to talk about publicly, but now with the documentary on my life shooting, the release of Garbage Man coming up, I find it’s something I’m going to have to deal with. I mean, this is an intensely disturbing film, even for me.”

For more information about American Horrors or Indie Pictures check them out on the web: