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1408 Director Takes on ‘Last Rite’

Mikael Hafstrom - who I thought did a pretty solid job on 1408 for Dimension Films - is set to direct Last Rite, a fact-based thriller scripted by Michael Petroni. Based on a nonfiction book by Matt Baglio, the film tells the story of a young man who joins a seminary and is soon recruited into the Vatican's newly formed Exorcism School. There, he confronts the demonic and discovers his true faith by facing the devil. Exorcisms seem to be the new cool in Hollywood... someone call me when it's done right.

Commercial for ‘Uncle Seymore Coffins’ Creature Double-Feature’

While most movies are in production, everything in shrouded in secrecy. But sometimes you get a special gent like Mr. Rob Zombie who pulls out all stops to bring you something fresh and new every day. Today he launched Uncle Seymore Coffins' official Myspace page that's not only loaded with images, but also carries a commercial for "Uncle Seymore Coffins' Creature Double-Feature", a TV show being used in his sequel to Halloween arriving in theaters August 28th. I'll take a little fun with my bloody murder any day.

Trio of ‘Titans’ Cast, Director Named!

Sword fighting skeletons, a giant sea monster, and mother f*cking Medusa -- how could we not cover Warner Bros. remake of the epic Clash of the Titans? While the original is still a classic, modern technology could really do wonders for this monstrous tale of Perseus' journey to save the Princess Andromeda. Today the first official casting was made for the remake, along with the reveal on who will be directing. All will be discovered inside, but don't look it in the eyes....

Will Arnett & Michael Shannon Head to the Old West For ‘Jonah Hex’

If you weren't already excited for Warner Bros. horror western Jonah Hex, the latest casting should be enough to send any fan of "Arrested Development" overboard. The Hollywood Reporter announced today that both Will Arnett ("Arrested Development", Monsters vs. Aliens) and Michael Shannon (Bug, Dead Birds) will join Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Megan Fox in the adaptation of the DC comic book. In addition, they report that the studio is already planning on spinning this film into a franchise! Read on for the skinny.

TV: Promo Image From ‘The Day of the Triffids’ TV Remake

The BBC's second attempt at adapting John Wyndham's classic sci-fi novel The Day of the Triffids, a co-production between Power and Prodigy, comes with the tagline "The human race has had its day". Against a backdrop of London landmarks, Dougray Scott, Brian Cox, Joely Richardson and Eddie Izzard with gun look on as tentacles threaten to spread across the capital. Click here for info on the original.

Danielle Panabaker Twittering From the Set of ‘The Crazies’!

If you haven't ben following the production of The Crazies re make on Twitter, you're missing out! Star Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th) has been tweeting all day from the set in Georgia! "Hey its Danielle Panabaker- got my hands on the twitter blackberry! Working at the car wash, accidentally got hit with a rifle today- yikes!" There have been some set photos appearing all day, check out out inside or just click the Twitter link above to start following! Filming is underway in Georgia under the watch of Breck Eisner.

More Cassie Hack vs ‘Eve’ Warfare

A few days back we reported on a new indie film entitled Eve, which sounded eerily similar to Rogue Pictures and Relativity Media's project Hack/Slash, a comic adaptation with commercial director Todd Lincoln attached to direct. Today the official synopsis and early one sheet found their way online and have a shocking resemblance to the popular comic series from Devil's Due Publishing.

First Images From Thomas Jane’s 3-D Noir ‘Dark Country’

Word has it that Sony Home Entertainment will be releasing Stage 6's Dark Country, which was directed by Thomas Jane and stars Jane, Laura German, Ron Perlman. While the film noir was supposed to be in theaters in 3-D, no word on if we'll ever get to see it in that form. Either way, beyond the break you'll find the first ever stills from the pic that concerns a couple who find their honeymoon to be a hellish adventure.

A Trio of Early Art for Deon Taylor’s ‘Chain Letter’

This afternoon we got our hands on some very early art from Twisted Pictures' Chain Letter (trailer), which stars Michael Bailey Smith, Nikki Reed, Noah Segan, Keith David, Betsy Russell, Matthew Cohen, Cody Kasch, Michael J. Pagan, Cherilyn Wilson and Clifton Powell. Directed by Deon Taylor, the slasher film tells the tale of a maniac who targets teens when they fail to forward chain mail. Still no word on a release date.

Craven Reteams With Last House Writer For ‘Home’

I've been digging around and am pretty sure this news is brand spanking new. We learned today that Wes Craven is producing a new horror film for Midnight Entertainment by the name of Home. Written by Adam Alleca (The Last House on the Left), story follows a man, fresh out of prison and under provisional house arrest in a cabin in the woods, who struggles with his own psychological delusions. No other details were available.

Official One Sheet For ‘Drag Me to Hell’

Today the first official one sheet was posted for Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell (review), which tells the story of Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), an ambitious L.A. loan officer with a charming boyfriend, Professor Clay Dalton (Justin Long). Life is good until the mysterious Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) enters their livesÂ…and everything begins to unravel. The movie is guaranteed to be on everyone's top ten lists come December, but you'll be able to catch it in theaters on May 29. Read on and prepared to be dragged to hell.

FFF: Review For Eduardo Sanchez’s ‘Seventh Moon’

Straight from the Florida Film Festival comes Tex's review for The Seventh Moon, Eduardo Sanchez's (The Blair Witch Project) latest horror film possibly arriving later this year from Lionsgate. "If anything can be said for Seventh Moon, its certainly not boring! The histrionics displayed by Amy Smart are liable to rip your eardrums out while the visuals leave you eyeballs spinning and your temples throbbing. With all the screaming, out of focus photography and monster attacks, its a cacophony of sensory overload that makes Quarantine and Cloverfied look they were shot with a Steadicam." Click the title above for the review.

First Look at the NEW Bunny Suit in ‘S. Darko’

Regular visitors here at B-D know I'm a mega-fan of Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko, so it should be of no surprise that I've been stalking the official website for the sequel, S. Darko (trailer), which hits DVD and Blu-ray on April 28 from Fox Home Entertainment. I got frustrated this evening as the website featured only the trailer -- yet not everything is what is seems. Read on, click the image of the NEW bunny suit and then take some time and push your mouse around. If you force your cursor to the right you'll find AIM icons, wallpapers (rocking one now) and a slew of first images! Woo! The story picks up seven years after the first film (and Donnie's death) when little sister Samantha Darko and her best friend Corey are now 18 and on a roadtrip to Los Angeles when they are plagued by bizarre visions.

Solid New ‘Pig Hunt’ One Sheet, Theatrical Dates

Beyond the break you can check out the bran new one sheet for James Isaac's (Jason X) Pig Hunt, which is getting a small theatrical run - click here for dates. When John takes his San Francisco friends to his deceased uncle's remote ranch to hunt wild pigs, it seems like a typical guys weekend with guns - despite the presence of John's sexy girlfriend Brooks. But as John and his crew trek deeper into the forest, they begin tracking the awful truth about his uncle's demise and the legend of The Ripper -- a murderous three-thousand-pound black boar!

Clips, Poster and Festival Run For ‘Spike’

Robert Beaucage's horror film Spike is finally making festival rounds this year. You'll find some clips over at the official MySpace with more at the official website. More on this soon! In a woodland location crepuscular and foreign, The Girl and her three friends stand stranded in a habitat not too dissimilar to that found in many a nursery rhyme. Like the content of such morality poems, this prelapsarian area has its own monster, the same beast that forced their car off-road. Yet far from being a monster from the Id, Spike originates from a more corporeal realm: The Girls suburban childhood. Robert Beaucages debut feature maneuvers through the dark tensions of a beasts love and the depths to which a beauty may sink to evade it.