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Jackie Earle Haley Signed on for THREE ‘Elm Street’ Films!

While Platinum Dunes is winding down on their reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, we caught up with your brand new Freddy Krueger, Jackie Earle Haley, who tells Bloody-Disgusting exclusively that he's signed on to return for more razor-glove teen terrorizing. "Two more," prompting us to confirm, "So, three total?" Haley smiles, displaying three fingers, "yeah." We also broke the news that Rooney Mara (Nancy Thompson) is signed on for one more trip to Elm Street. Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema will release the remake in theaters April 16, 2010. The films' premise centers on Krueger, a serial child molester murdered by angry parents, who returns with a burnt face and a razor glove to terrorize teens in their dreams.

Official Trailer for Dark Sky’s ‘Deadgirl’ Leaks to B-D!

You better hurry and read on as we just scored a look at the official trailer for Deadgirl (review), which is guaranteed to get pulled tomorrow when news hits the studio. Arriving in limited theaters July 24 from Dark Sky FIlms, Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel's film scripted by genre fav Trent Haaga is a horror/thriller about two teenagers who make a shocking discovery that not only threatens their friendship but also their lives. In a forgotten room of an abandoned asylum, they find a beautiful woman tied to a bed, and soon come to realize she is anything but dead.

Trailer: Infection Spreads in ‘Carriers’

September 4th, Paramount finally releases Àlex Pastor and David Pastor's Carriers, which stars Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo and Emily VanCamp as four friends fleeing a viral pandemic soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus. While we brought you 33 hi-res stills and the poster, now beyond the break you'll find the theatrical trailer for the film that's being released in leu of Chris Pine's success as Captain Kirk in Star Trek. The long wait makes me think there's nothing to look forward to, what does the trailer do for you?

Deal Breaker?

So Kirk Acevedo is off "Fringe" and Meghan Markle joins the cast -- used to be one of the "Deal or No Deal" show-models -- as a junior FBI agent. Charlie was the skeptic. He didn't buy into the crazy theories, just did his job. Kinda like Skinner on "X-Files". Might screw up the dynamic. I also read that a slew of new writers are being brought in. Just when the show had started to find its legs....

"Mutant Chronicles" is exactly what you'd expect from a sci-fi zombie movie. Decent cast -- I didn't get the Pras from the Fugees cameo. Apparently, John Malkovich will agree to *any* script thrown in his direction.... maybe I should get his contact info! Simple, silly story. Struggles when it tries to go beyond the limited budget. Murky shadows and digital blood splatter can only go so far. I think plans for a theatrical release fell through.

Stuck in the mud with the new script -- okay, stuck is the wrong word. I have options, I just don't like any of 'em. Think I'll work on something else until inspiration strikes. I have an idea for a low budget thriller that I'd like to get off the ground anyway. By hook or by crook, I'm gonna start and finish two scripts this year.

Help Pick the ‘Night of the Creeps’ DVD Cover

Amazon is offering a unique opportunity to help decide the cover for the forthcoming DVD release of Night of the Creeps arriving in stores on October 20 (finally). I still think BC said it best when he wrote, "I vote for the 4th cover. It's the one in my head that prominently features Tom Atkins." Alien brain parasites, entering humans through the mouth, turn their host into a killing zombie. Some teenagers start to fight against them.

March is Now the ‘Season of the Witch’

Lionsgate has announced a March 19, 2010 release for Dominic Sena's hotly anticipated Season of the Witch that will hopefully put Nicolas Cage back in a good movie. He stars alongside Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Claire Foy, Robbie Sheehan and Stephen Grahan in the story that revolves around a group of knights in 14th century France who must transport a woman accused of witchcraft to a mountain abbey, where the monks will seek to understand and destroy her powers, believed to be the source of the Black Plague. In other quick news, Dimension Films has completely pulled Hellraiser off their slate and has taken the project back to square one. Sorry Pinhead.

‘I Sell the Dead’ Director Inspired by Abbott & Costello

Writer/director Glenn McQuaid says he plans to follow his festival hit I Sell The Dead (trailer) with another project exploring the same graverobbing characters, writes Screen Daily. The Further Adventures of Blake and Grimes is not so much a sequel [to I Sell The Dead] but a continuation of this world, McQuaid tells Screen. He hopes to make that story a comic book first, and potentially turn that into another feature film eventually. You can read the entire story by clicking the link above and watch for I Sell the Dead on August 7 from IFC Films.

Exclusive DVD Clip From Uwe Boll’s ‘Tunnel Rats’

Below you'll find a red-band clip from the forthcoming DVD release of Uwe Boll's Tunnel Rats, which stars Michael Paré. In this no-holds-barred, action-packed portrayal of the Vietnam War, a special US combat unit is on a mission to hunt down Viet Cong soldiers in the endless tunnels beneath the jungles of Vietnam. The film is now available on DVD from Vivendi Entertainment.

FanTasia Film Festival Announces Slate of Films!

Due to a veritable deluge of feature presentations, the FanTasia Film Festival is extending its 13th edition for two extra days and will therefore be taking place from July 9th to the 29th at Concordia Universitys Hall Theatre. As North Americas largest genre film festival, Fantasia will once again make good on its promise to deliver diversity, innovation, entertainment, food for thought and a good dose of eccentric and biting humour. Beyond the break you can dig on a list of films playing at the festival, click any link to find more information on each.

Cast Set for ‘Box of Shadows’

Domiziano Arcangeli ("BRÃœNO") has joined the cast of the supernatural thriller BOX OF SHADOWS. Scott Rudolph and Ed Polgardy ("LAID TO REST") are producing for Fotocomics Productions with Mauro Borrelli (HAUNTED FOREST) set to direct. Alfredo Gilardini ("COMING & GOING") and Gabriella Stollenwerck ("DEAD END, BIG NOTHING") will serve as Executive Producers. The cast includes Aaron Dean (GOSSIP GIRL), Liz Fenning, Jared Grey (DRILLBIT TAYLOR) and Ford Austin (DAHMER VS. GACY). Shooting is now underway in Los Angeles, California.

Horror In Your House DVD Release List

For those of you who love catching random independent horror films, this is a week for you! Forget the big studio movies, this week's Horror In Your House features a laundry list of indie features that range for the long-delayed and highly anticipated Header (redefining skull-f*cking) to another Genius maneater film, Sea Beast. Read on for the full list.

New Trailer for ‘Death Stop Holocaust’

Beyond the break you'll find the final trailer for the grindhouse-esque indie feature Death Stop Holocaust, which takes place over a two-day period in the lives of two young women. The two women, while heading to a summer home for vacation on a remote island, happen upon a group of locals that torture & kill outsiders. While desperately trying to find help, it becomes more & more obvious that the entire island is in on the ruse & will stop at nothing to preserve their secret. Below you'll find the new trailer and premiere date.

The Beautiful Robot ‘RoboGeisha’

God bless the Japanese and their insane b-movies. Today Twitch Film posted the trailer for RoboGeisha, which comes from Machine Girl director Noboru Iguch. RoboGeisha is the latest collaboration between Iguchi and special effects man Yoshihiro Nishimura - himself the director of Tokyo Gore Police - and it bears all of the now-classic hallmarks of the duo: outrageous special effects, grotesquely hilarious gore and weapons where weapons just should not go.

Summit Moving Fast on ‘Eclipse’

Production Weekly is reporting that Summit Entertainment is already prepping to begin shooting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on August 17th and film thru October 31st at Vancouver Film Studios. New Moon will be arriving in theaters this November. As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which? The adaptation is slated for release on June 30, 2010.

‘Friday the 13th The Series’ the Complete Third Season

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the 3rd and final season of Friday the 13th - The Series which stars John Lemay, Louise Robey, Chris Wiggins, and Steve Monarque. DVD Active reports that the set will be available to own on September 22, and should retail at around $49.99. Each of the episodes will be presented in full screen, along with English Mono tracks. We have no word on any extra material for this one at this time.