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Too Frightening?

Looks like the viral marketing campaign for PA2 has already started. Some theaters have supposedly pulled the teaser trailer because of complaints that it's too frightening. Excuse me? I demand that you scaredy cats explain yourselves! The Great Pumpkin is scarier than that trailer. Craig Sager has suits more terrifying than that trailer!
I just made a shadow puppet that was infinitely scarier than the aforementioned trailer — I make a mean Doberman.

“What’s the matter, Trevor?”

"Scared of something?"

Blades (1989)

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier How did this little Troma movie pass under my radar for so many years? I mean, killer lawnmowers tend to attract attention but I don’t recall ever hearing about Blades, which, while it sounds like an ice skating movie is actually about a killer machine mowing down golfers at [...]

The Wrong House (2009)

Review by Jude Felton The Wrong House is quite an apt title for this decent independent movie from writer/director Shawn French. The Wrong House is about five friends who go camping and end up breaking into the titular house and stealing a copious amount of drugs. What the friends don’t realize is that the owners [...]

Historical Zombie Fiction: “Valley of the Dead”

Unlike the spliced-together novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Valley of the Dead is an original story inspired by Dante’s Inferno (the first volume of The Divine Comedy). Kim Paffenroth, a professor of Religious Studies, best known for his zombie series Dying to Live (third installment coming out in October 2010) and Orpheus and the Pearl, explains in his prologue [...]

Jun 30, Hand Comes Out of Man’s Stomach at Lake

I remember a horror film where a group of people (maybe a rock band?) go to a house where there's a demonic spirit that possesses people. In one scene,

Jun 30, Man Has To Find Stone To Stop High-Pitched Noise

Well, hi again to all the horror movie fans! This time I'm looking for an oldie from the late 60's or early 70's about some men that have to dig out a

Jun 30, Aliens Send Parasite Infected Prisoner Back to Earth

I'm looking for an 80's or 90's horror sci fi film set in the future where a prisoner on a remote location from earth (moon?) gets infected with some kind

Jun 30, Scary Stories Kids Tell Come True in 90’s Horror

Trying to remember a 90's film where a group of kids are telling scary stories that come true. In one scene, a girl is laying on a bed covered by a sheet

Jun 30, Woman Trapped in Shower With Burning Water

I remember a movie set in a haunted house - Amityville style - and everyone thinks the mother is crazy. In one scene, she is trapped in a shower when

Jun 30, Entity That Haunts House Makes Wife Think She Hears Mother-in-Law

I saw a movie on TV many years ago about a couple that moves into a house and his parents live on the property in an attached apartment. The wife is plagued

Jun 29, 70’s Film: Man in Coffin’s Spirit Kills Wife in Shower

What the name of the 70's horror movie where a man is in his coffin the whole movie, and his spirt is killing everyone including his wife who he kills

Jun 29, Weird Girl Makes Dolls With Men’s Body Parts

I'm trying to remember the name of an old movie about a girl that kills men and either keeps them with her dolls or makes them into dolls using their various

Jun 29, Girl Kidnapped by Woman at Airport Finds Guy Chained up in Basement

There's a horror movie where a woman picks up a girl at an airport saying she is there on behalf of the girl's father, but when they get to the woman's

Light Reading

Looks like those "leaked" twenty pages from the Undercovers script were the real deal. They were quickly pulled from the site — fortunately for me, not quick enough. Retired, married spies are called back for one last job. Light and breezy stuff. The NBC Upfront preview did a pretty good job of covering all the bases, so there aren't a lot of surprises here. I did expect a lot more witty banter than I got. And Mrs. Bloom seems a bit... control-freakish/bitchy on paper. So far, I'd have to say this isn't as strong as the Alias pilot script, but I'm gonna reserve judgment until I see the final product.

Colin Farrell plays a fisherman who pulls up an unusual catch, a beautiful young woman, who just might be a mermaid (or a selkie) in this modern day fairytale. Pleasant enough. Often walks dangerously close to Hallmark Channel territory — not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think you know what I'm trying to say. The story hinges on the casting of the titular character. I'm not sure if Ondine had a theatrical released in the States, however, it's currently playing on IFC OnDemand.

And my pile gets a little smaller...