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Moviegoers aren't exactly crying out for another comic book adaptation, but John Carpenter at the helm will definitely generate interest. Not too familiar with the source material — except that it's about a teen who can transform into the monsters from her nightmares.

Here's a bit of test footage that's been floating around for a while:

The Action/Horror genre continues to be a safe haven for female driven action films. Given the success of the Underworld and Resident Evil franchises, it's surprising that Hollywood hasn't tried harder to cash in on this niche.

Sounds like the Buffy reboot is really going to happen, without Joss Whedon. Really bad idea. A few other comic book properties with female protags have been in development for a while: Witchblade, Hack/Slash and Magdalena. I think Magdalena is the furthest along. It has a star (Jenna Dewan), script and a director (Ryuhei Kitamura) already in place. How long can this comic book movie bubble last? I think we're going to find out in 2011.

Dec 1, 60’s Film With Disintegrating Mannequins and Old Man Tapping Cane

As a kid in the 60's I remember watching a movie where mannequins would disintegrate and a creepy old man would make a tapping sound with his cane. Any

Dec 1, Preacher’s Demonic Children Bite Other Kids at School

In this film, a preacher and his wife buy a home video camera to film their young son and daughter who start to do strange things like kill animals and

Dec 1, People Coming Out of Cave Have Tattoos/Bar Codes on Necks

I'm looking for a 90's movie or horror show episode where some people or creatures come out of a cave and have tattoos on their necks, a bar code maybe.

Dec 1, Movie With ‘Heritage’ in Title Where Green Creature Drags Couple Off

There's a movie I thought had the word 'heritage' in it where two old people in a caravan are being attacked by some creature, and they only show it's

Dec 1, Technology Causes People To Crumble And Die

I saw part of a movie called something similar to 'white noise' where technology like a TV or something would cause a person's body to suddenly start to

Dec 1, Worm Talks So Much People Go Crazy and Die

Looking for a movie where this worm-like creature goes around the house killing everybody by talking to them until they go crazy and die. In the end,

Dec 1, Girl Violated by Tasmanian Devil-Type Cartoon Villain

When I was young in the late 80's or early 90's I saw a horror movie where a girl is raped by an evil Tasmanian Devil-type cartoon villain. The film itself

Dec 1, Sorcerers Arms Chase People Through Castle in 70’s Film

What is the 70's movie where a sorcerer extends his arms to chase people through a castle? Thanks

Dec 1, Giant Boulders Come Alive and Attack Astronauts

What is the name of the 50 or 60's movie where giant rocks or boulders come alive and start to attack the astronauts

Dec 1, Guy Falls in Love With Zombie in the 50’s in 80’s Movie

What's the name of the 80's movie where a guy falls in love with a zombie from the 50's

Dec 1, Red-Haired Guy Dresses in Drag and Kills

I once saw a film about a red-haired guy who dresses up in women's clothing and kills. He had a disturbing childhood, tied to his bed by his mother or

Dec 1, Maniac Shoots Cop in Face, Cross-Country Car Chase Follows in 70’s Film

What is the title of a 70's movie that begins with a maniac shooting a cop in the face? There is a least one witness to the shooting and the rest of

Dec 1, 90’s Film: Man Falls Off Lader, Girls Held in Bondage

I'm looking for the name of a 90's film about a girl that is either buying this huge creepy house or inheriting it, and she takes her friends there.

Dec 1, Boy With Dracula Toy Dragged Under Bed

I saw the beginning of a movie in 2002 where a little boy has a Dracula toy and sees a person with a guitar climbing in his light. He then looks over