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Apr 1, Camo Monsters in Woods Ooze Green Stuff on Couple

What is the movie where a couple in the woods run into a house with a chemistry set in it, and plant monsters with camo suits on? The couple turns into

Apr 1, Family Moves Into House With Doll in Each Room

Does anyone remember the movie where a family moves into a new house and the little girl is told to choose a room, and she chooses one with a little doll

Apr 1, Beautiful Woman in Blue Dress under Tree Turns To Skeleton in ’80s Movie

I remember watching an early '80s vintage movie ('50s or '60s) where a man keeps seeing a beautiful woman in a blue dress (?) under a tree. He keeps seeing

Apr 1, Bad Water Makes Family on Farm Go Crazy in ’80s Film

I'm looking for an '80s horror movie that takes place on a farm about a family of four (husband, wife, two boys) and over time things get weird because

Apr 1, Mom Strangled by Thin Wire on Stair Lift

I recall an '80s movie where a little (telekinetic?) girl is playing a game of pong on her television while her paralyzed mother is being strangled by

Apr 1, Killer Van Repainted After Each Murder in ’70s Film

Just wondering if you know what movie from the '70s has a van murdering women on the highway, and it's repainted after every murder. The driver remains

Apr 1, Patient in Asylum Chops Up Wife in ’80s Film

Please help me find the '80s film about different patients in an asylum. One of them chops his wife up and puts her in the basement refrigerator. The

Apr 1, Evil Mute Girl Once Abused by Mother

I saw this movie about a child who loses her mother in a fire (in a hospital?), and is so traumatized that she refuses to speak. For reasons I can't

Apr 1, Demon Painting Comes to Life in Castle Well

Hello, I've been trying to find the name of this early to mid '80s movie for years where a man is walking on the grounds of a home/mansion/castle and

Mar 31, Guy Skewered on Stair Railing in ’80s Haunted Castle Film

What's the '80s film set in a castle where kids are spending the night and die one by one? One kid finds his girlfriend's head in the bed, and another

Mar 31, Aliens With Black Pinchers Come out of People’s Mouths in ’80s Movie

I'm looking for an early '80s, possibly TV movie, where where aliens with black pinchers come out of people's mouths and rep the human's skin off. There

Mar 31, Man in Tub Turns to Moss

I have a very vague memory of a movie scene in which a man, sitting, or possibly in a bathtub, slowly turns into moss, or becomes covered in moss. He may

Mar 31, Seriel Killer Distracts Victims With Porcelain Doll

Desperate to find this '70s or '80s movie based on young actresses who are staying with the director of the movie/play they are rehearsing for. Just

Mar 31, Ken Doll Driving 18-Wheeler

When I was a kid I saw a glimpse of a '70s or '80s movie that tortured me for years. A group of people trapped in a mansion try to escape and at one point,

Mar 31, Girls Taking Lingerie Inventory Stalked by Big Guy

There's a really funny, bad movie where girls working overnight doing an inventory of lingerie get dirty, take showers and try on outfits while being stalked