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Interview: Johnny Gel from Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption (2011), directed by Ryan Thompson, takes place years after the initial outbreak in the first Zombie Apocalypse movie, with an entirely different set of characters. Governments of the world attempted to use nuclear weapons to fight the millions of undead, which had no effect, and screwed over the remaining survivors even more. Not surprisingly, the survivors form [...]

Apr 30, Girl Turns Out To Be Zombie in Surprise Ending

Hi. What's the zombie movie where a girl is looking for her boyfriend and in the end it turns out she's the zombie

Apr 30, Killer Ground Up in Contraption in Basement in 2000s Film

There's a 2000s movie where a teenage girl and her younger brother are tormented in a house and in the end, the killer falls through the floor and into

Apr 30, Blood Coming Out of Showerhead

Which is the movie where a lady with a small girl is taking a shower, and blood comes out of the faucet? Thanks

Apr 30, Guy on Motorcycle in House Tries to Run Over Doll in ’80s Horror

What's the '80s horror movie where a man on a motorcycle inside a house tries to run over a doll but can't? Thanks

Apr 30, Dead Cheerleader Wants to Find Ice Cream Parlor That’s No Longer There

I want to find this particular old horror movie for my mom on Mother's Day where a cheerleader comes back to life on Halloween and wants to take her friend

Apr 30, Last Haunted House Survivor Sinks In Quicksand by Statue

Trying to remember this movie from the '70s where a bunch of people are trapped in a haunted house in the rain. One guy tries to escape and grabs some

Apr 30, Girl’s Crayon Drawings Come to Life in Hospital

What's the horror movie about a weird girl with black crayons in a hospital and her drawings come to life and try to kill people? In the beginning, some

Apr 30, Backpackers Stranded in European Town Run By Devil

I'm trying to find a movie I saw in the '80s or early '90s where two guys are backpacking in Europe, the bus breaks down and they start walking. They

Apr 30, Snowman Head Falls Of Ice Cream Truck And Squashes Old Lady

What's the '80s or '90s movie where the old lady (grandmother?) dies when an ice cream truck nearly misses her, then the snowman head on top of the truck

Apr 30, Bleeding Teddy Bear

Anyone remember a movie where a teddy bear gets its head chopped off by garden shears and blood starts to pool on top of the stuffing? Thanks

Apr 30, Blood Flows From Faucets and Toilets in Public Restroom

I remember this late '70s or early '80s film where a girl with dark hair is in a large public (school?) restroom and blood starts to pour out from the

Apr 30, Guy Lives and Works in Graveyard to Stop Undead

I'm looking for the name of this movie where a guy lives and works in a graveyard in order to stop the undead. In one scene, he hits one in the head with

Apr 30, Crazy Family Takes Teen Girl Visiting Island in ’80s Slasher

What's the '80s B slasher film where college kids go camping on an island and one of the females is taken by this crazy family with an insane older daughter

Apr 30, Goat Monster in Woods in ’90s Film

For the longest time I've been looking for this '90s film where a bunch of people in the woods go into an old house where a guy is reading black magic