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Jul 1, Quarantine 2 Review from BHM: Containment failure with Hamsters

Quarantine 2 happens simultaneously with the first film, but this one follows someone who escaped the vicinity of the tainted apartment building from Quarantine trying to fly to Nashville - with hamsters.

Jul 1, Woman Hiding Pregnancy at Children’s Home is Really a Ghost

What's the movie where a pregnant woman goes to work at a children's hospital or institute and hides her pregnancy with a band around her belly? She dies

Jul 1, Friends Trapped in Orphanage They Grew Up in By Ghost

In this movie, q group of young adults/adults who have known each other for years are brought back to this old orphanage and tormented by ghosts. In

Jul 1, Dismembered Woman Kept Alive in Box

I saw this mesmerizing movie back in the '80s centered around a man who kidnaps a woman and slowly removes her limbs over a long period of time, and she

Jul 1, Horse Jumps Into River From Parking Lot

I remember watching this movie a while ago with my family about a black stallion / racing horse gets out of it's trailer in a parking lot over a river

Jun 30, Plastic Wheeled Riding Horse Comes to Life in ’70s Film

I'm looking for the name of an early '70s TV movie that features a plastic riding horse on wheels that comes to life. I initially thought it was the Ghost

Jun 30, Woman Covering Face is Punched Through Back of Head

I haven't seen this movie but I have seen the part a lot where a woman starts screaming and covers her mouth, slowly sliding her hands up to cover her

Jun 30, Monster Once Imprisoned in Tomb Killed by Knife in Wall Painting

So this movie has been on my mind from time to time for years now and I never have any luck searching online for the name! Some sort of stone tablet or

Jun 30, Woman Gives Birth to Rat That Pulls Her Up a Wall

I can't remember the exact storyline but in this film a group of people are in a mansion and a hypnotized woman dances with the bad guy and then falls

Jun 30, Woman Pulled by Ankle by Tentacle into Sandpit

Does anyone remember the the movie where a woman gets pulled by the ankle by a tentacle into a sandpit

Jun 30, Little Girl Befriends Devious Little Monsters Who Then Kill Her Family

What's the movie where a little girl meets little creatures in her playhouse and they become friends, but they take a twist and kill her family

Jun 30, Roddy McDowall (?) Murders Sorcerer Uncle Who Comes Back as Rooster

I seem to recall a melodrama (Night Gallery or Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode?), very likely starring Roddy McDowall in the role of a greedy nephew

Jun 30, Mother of Two Pregnant With Devil’s Child

My cousin has been searching for this movie where a married woman with two children - a boy and a girl - is pregnant with the devil's son. In one scene,

Jun 30, Orphaned Girl Raised by Cult in ’70s Film

I saw this '70s movie years ago that starts out with a group of young girls using a Ouija Board and one girl is told her parents were killed and that she

Jun 30, Serial Killer in Clown Make-Up and Dreadlocks

What's the film where a serial killer wears clown make up and has dreadlocks in his hair