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Sep 1, Kids Stare Awkwardly at Guy Giving Speech at School

OK. For years I've been wondering what the '80s or early '90s movie is that's set in a high school or college and a normal guy starts finding that the

Sep 1, Man Who Killed Daughter Lures Kids Into His White Van

There's a movie where this guy dresses up to lure little kids into his white van and in the end he confesses to killing his daughter and they find her

Sep 1, Janitor or Teacher Ties Something to Car To Make Evil Kids Follow Him Over Cliff

I'm looking for a movie about kids at a school that turn evil from this sound or something, and an old man (janitor or teacher) ties something to his car

Sep 1, Possible ’60s Hitchcock Where Nurses Are Strangled

This is a possible Hitchcock film from the '60s where nurses from a nearby hospital are being strangled. There are two nurses taking care of an elderly

Sep 1, Glass/Gold Casket With Woman in it By Pool

I remember watching late '70s or early '80s movie where a lady is laying in a glass and/or gold casket out by a pool, and the house by it eventually catches

Sep 1, Snake Comes Out of Forehead of Tied-Up Bald Man

I think it's an '80s movie where a bald man in a semi-conscious state is tied up and a blonde woman dresses up as a dominatrix and feels him up. Later

Sep 1, Man Trapped in Supermarket Avoiding Zombies Eats Rat in ’70s Film

I'm trying to find the name of a '70s horror movie where people are trapped in a supermarket after hours, and zombies are outside. In one scene, a man

Sep 1, Slimy Creatures From Barn Attack Old Ladies Having Tea

Trying to figure out a title of a movie I saw on VHS where elderly ladies are having tea in the living room, gossiping, and before you know it, these little,

Sep 1, Snake Lady in Mansion That Feeds on Men

What is the title of this movie? It's about a lady that comes to live in a large mansion which has not been inhabited for many years. This lady appears

Sep 1, People Compete for Ring of Power in ’60s Film

I remember seeing a film in the late '60s film about a group of people (relatives?) spending a weekend in a house. I think the house's owner had died,

Sep 1, Man in Chicken Suit Comes Out of Floor

I remember an early '80s movie where there's a woman in a house and a man in a chicken suit comes up out of the floor (there's a door in the floor or she's

Sep 1, Desert Diner and Scarred Man with Black Goggles

I can't find this film set in the desert with a long road where there's a diner with gas pumps. It contains a disfigured, scarred man, who wears black

Sep 1, Dog on Boat Attacks Man and Later Kills Policeman

I saw a movie once where a dog comes out of a box on a boat to kill a guy. I think he has a virus or something. In another scene, a policeman lets the

Sep 1, Creepy Lady With Blacked Out Mouth Jumps at Camera

I was looking on YouTube one day and clicked a video link on the side that showed a movie with a lady standing by a grayish rock of some sort and as she

Sep 1, Woman Disfigured When Studio Light Falls on Her Face in ’70s Film

I can remember watching a great horror film in the late '70s about a a husband whose wife gets her face badly disfigured by a studio light falling over