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Candy Cane Dessert Shooters!

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Dark Fantasy: Funeral Arrangements Completed (Old Radio Show)

Alf Daniels and Eleanor Naylor Corin star as Richard and Emily Longacre. Richard recently received a letter informing him of his Aunt Patricia's death. This was quite a surprise for him because he had no idea he even had an Aunt Patricia...

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Movie Review: Hour of the Wolf (1968)

Hour of the Wolf is a Swedish horror movie written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. With a title like Hour of the Wolf, you can be forgiven if you expect this to be movie about a werewolf, but the monsters in this movie are of a different kind...

Cake, Chocolate

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Cupcake, Chocolate

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Beyond Midnight: The Phantom Coach (Old Radio Show)

This episode of Beyond Midnight is a dramatization of Amelia B. Edward's short story 'The Phantom Coach'. The year is 1864. Barrister, James Murray, is out on the moors making the most of the last day of the grouse shooting season. When the weather takes a turn for the worse ...

Movie Review: The Rats (1982)

The Rats is a Canadian horror movie based on the bestselling novel by James Herbert. There are many differences between the movie and the book, the most obvious of which is probably the setting (Herbert's original story is set in the UK, but the movie is set in Toronto)...

Movie Review: A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

A Tale of Two Sisters is a Korean horror movie based on the folk tale 'Janghwa Hongryeon jeon'. The movie offers an unusual blend of family drama, mystery, and supernatural horror that some viewers might struggle to appreciate because of the slow moving nature of the movie...

Beyond Midnight: The Paxton’s House (Old Radio Show)

The Paxton's House is a dramatization of Amyas Northcote's short story 'Brickett Bottom'. It is the tale of a hard-working city clergyman who swaps parsonages with a fellow clergyman who has a less demanding parish in the countryside...

Beyond Midnight: Harry (Old Radio Show)

This episode of Beyond Midnight begins with Mrs James sharing her fears with the listener, and explaining that the most ordinary things fill her with dread: sunshine, sharp shadows on grass, white roses, children with red hair, and the name 'Harry'...

Movie Review: Zoltan Hound of Dracula (1978)

Zoltan Hound of Dracula is a 70s horror movie produced by Crown International Pictures. The movie was originally released under the title Dracula's Dog, and in certain parts of the world it is still marketed under that name, but...

Vanilla Pink Swirl Cupcakes

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Movie Review: Spiral (2000)

Spiral is a Japanese horror movie based on a story from a manga comic book. The movie's original Japanese title is Uzumaki, but although it is commonly marketed under the title Spiral, Vortex is the ...