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Beyonce as Wonder Woman?

She’s lobbying for the role... I think the closest she’ll get is the theme song. Fanboys still haven’t gotten over Halle Berry as “Catwoman” and this would generate an even bigger outcry. If Beyonce’s serious about playing a superhero, go with Vixen. She’s a lower tier black superhero/model with cool powers -- seems tailor made for her. Actually, Vanity’s role in the “Last Dragon” remake would be more appropriate. My fantasy pick is still Eva Mendes, but casting is irrelevant. A “Wonder Woman” movie seems destined to fail. Joss Whedon couldn’t pull it off. The WW spec set in “World War II” was good enough to buy, but not good enough to make. Now there are rumblings about McG at the helm. No one has figured out the big screen formula for comic book heroines.

It is curious how the Sci-Fi and Horror genres have succeeded where others have failed. One of the arguments I hear is that strong women are a turn-off, but horror flicks have tons of strong female protags. Of course, you could make the argument that many female protagonists start off as victims and really don’t become empowered until the third act. In superhero flicks, the protagonist is kicking butt after the first fifteen minutes...