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First Look at “15 Till Midnight” Trailer

We’ve been following the development of the intriguing-looking independent film, 15 Till Midnight, for a while now and are extremely excited to finally see the first teaser trailer for the sci-fi/horror film! And, damn – the trailer looks pretty awesome!! The film, a genre-bending combination of science fiction, horror, action, and mystery, stars Brandon Slagle (who also [...]

More Exclusive Stills from “Let Me In”

More stills from the upcoming remake Let Me In… Though the pics don’t seem to tell us much, I do appreciate that the filmmaker has decided to keep the same bleak, cold tone. I’m not thrilled about this remake, but as with all “reimagings” it’ll be interesting to see how the filmmaker has interpreted the source [...]

Exclusive First Look at “Let Me In”

Check out the new photo below for an exclusive first peek at the U.S. remake of Let the Right One In, retitled Let Me In. Chloe Moretz stars in Overture Films’ Let the Right One In. Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani ©2010 Fish Head Productions, LLC All Rights Reserved. About the film: An alienated 12-year-old boy befriends a mysterious young [...]