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Book Review: Valley of the Dead by Kim Paffenroth

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier What if Dante’s Inferno was based on truth? What if in his life Dante faced such insurmountable horror that he wrote it all down but had to pass it off as fiction because it was just too unbelievable? Well, that is the premise behind Kim Paffenroth’s new novel, Valley of the [...]

Book Review: Let Me Die A Woman by Alan Kelly

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier Blending ‘50s pulp novel sensibilities with modern potty-mouthed wit and characters pulled from a John Waters film with a cybergoth twist, Let Me Die A Woman is a kick ass debut from Irish author Alan Kelly! The novel opens with a rather innocuous scarecrow festival in a small town…or so it [...]

Acclaimed Horror Author Gabrielle Faust Signs With The Lowry Agency

We are excited to announce that our staff writer and acclaimed horror author Gabrielle Faust has officially signed on with the Nashville-based entertainment agency, The Lowry Agency. Faust will be the first author they have signed for representation. “Gabrielle Faust is a true visionary in her field. Her writing is crisp, concise, clear, imaginative and leaves your [...]

Book Review: Lucas Manson by Thomas Hauck

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier From the back cover: “When Special Agent Mark Dylan investigates a gruesome homicide, he uncovers the terrifying world of the Kingdom Seven Family Temple and its leader, the charismatic and ruthless Minister Lucas Manson. As Dylan and his partner Jill Kelly penetrate the secret inner sanctum of the temple, they [...]

ThrillerFest V – Thriller Literature Fest Announced

SUSPENSE AND THE CITY MASTERS OF LITERATURE’S THRILLER GENRE ARE ABOUT TO EXECUTE AN EVENT SO PERFECT IT’S ALMOST CRIMINAL ThrillerFest V, the world’s most diabolically delicious literature festival, chills in New York City July 7-10, 2010 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. There’s only one event where New York Times best-selling masters of the art lurk around [...]

Book Review: Jenny’s Dance by Bruce Kaplan

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier Jenny’s Dance was originally published in Australia in 1989, but after the small publisher went belly up the book went out of print. Twenty years later author Bruce Kaplan made a few small tweaks and decided to re-release the book himself in 2009. Of course if you ask me, the book [...]

Book Review: Brains – A Zombie Memoir by Robin Becker

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier “Professor Jack Barnes has a new passion: Brains. It’s in his nature…he’s a zombie. But Barnes has something most other victims of the zombie apocalypse don’t have: sentience. In fact, he can even write. And the story he has to tell is truly disturbing – yet strangely heartwarming. Convinced [...]

Book Review: The Best Horror of the Year – Volume Two edited by Ellen Datlow

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier Ellen Datlow has done it again! Not only has she compiled seventeen great short horror stories for this collection, but she has also given us, dear readers, an exhaustive run-down on notable horror literature releases of 2009, from books to anthologies to poetry to magazines. If you want a complete [...]

Book Review: How to Make Friends with Demons by Graham Joyce

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier William Heaney is a man well acquainted with demons. These demons are not his broken family – his wife has left him for a celebrity chef, his snobbish teenaged son despises him, and his daughter’s new boyfriend resembles Nosferatu – nor his drinking problem, nor his unfulfilling government job, but [...]

Book Review: Feed by Mira Grant

Review by Scott Lefebvre It’s a book about zombies. Which is always a good sign because whatever flaws there might be in a book if it’s got zombies in it, then that’s like a “+1” modifier. It’s also about family and modern communication and living life after the inevitable outbreak. When I started reading this book I was getting [...]

Book Review: The Unit: A Novel by Terry DeHart

Review by Scott Lefebvre “In a post-nuclear world, family is everything.” I received this book, submitted for review through a friend. I received three books at the same time and decided to go for this one first, since I’m a fan of post-apocalyptic films and fiction. It’s a story about a family, headed by an ex-military father, trying to [...]

Book Review: The Canal by Daniel Morris

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier In The Canal by Daniel Morris, a deadly monster lurks beneath the waste and stink of a city’s sewage canal, leaving behind the skinned remains of its victims. Detective Joe Lombardi has a certain affinity for solving canal crimes, so he’s put on the case. His tragic past has afforded [...]

Book Review: And Falling, Fly by Skyler White

Written by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier And Falling, Fly is a beautifully poetic work by author Skyler White. I first became acquainted with Skyler through Women in Horror Month and her intriguing interview made me want to check out her novel. And let me say, as much as I was impressed by her interview I was doubly [...]

Book Review: Incarnadine – The True Memoirs of Count Dracula Volume One by R.H. Greene

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Reviews In the richly descriptive Incarnadine: The True Memoirs of Count Dracula: Volume One, we are given a detailed account of the man that will come to be known as Count Dracula in his early years. We see what life was like for “Konstantin Kuzmanov” when he was a man and [...]

Book Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith

Review by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier Right on the heels of the delightful Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (review) comes its prequel, Dawn of the Dreadfuls. Dawn of the Dreadfuls is a completely original work (it’s not based on an Austen classic like the original was) with a different author than P & P & Z. [...]