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Knight Rider 08

My eyes! My ears! I read somewhere that the script was written in twelve days!?! My eyes! My ears! Looked more like a two hour Ford infomercial than anything else. There is no plot. I repeat, there is no plot. Loved the attempts at being hip and edgy: Mike in bed with not one, but two babes! The hot Federal Agent is a love ‘em and leave ‘em lesbian! And Mike, guess who’s your daddy? The Hoff cameo at the funeral almost redeemed a ton cheese and bad acting -- too bad we didn’t get a throwback Kitt cameo. Val Kilmer walks away the most unscathed because he doesn’t appear on screen. How can you have a “Knight Rider” movie and no Turbo Boost!? This has to be right up there with the "Bionic Reunion” movies and “The Trial of the Incredible Hulk”. NBC, put the archives down and slowly back way.