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The Howling Man

The last few episodes of Lost reminded me of this Twilight Zone classic, "The Howling Man." A lost traveler comes upon a monastery harboring a dark secret. The monks claim to have captured... well, see for yourself.

Take a listen to this...

Now maybe it's just my imagination, but I hear a howl when Smokey's in attack mode. A little homage/inspiration perhaps?

Destiny Calls

Last night’s season premiere of “Lost” was a bit of a departure. The show has always stuck a tentative big toe in the sci-fi waters for a few seconds, but this time it dove in head first. What happened to all the promises of a logical explanation to everything? Hopefully, time travel won’t become a big mess like it did on “Heroes”. Ratings weren't that -- though it came in third place behind "Criminal Minds" and the premiere of "Lie to Me".

Lost Season Finale

Super vague spoiler: I always suspected it was X in the blank, but a couple of episodes made me think it was Y... should’ve stayed with X...

Ever wondered how Mr. Rourke was able to do the things he did on “Fantasy Island”? Nope. You just accepted it and watched special guest stars learn some important lesson each week. I don’t know if J.J. Abrams & Co. knew from the begining or came up with it as the series progressed, but that’s basically what we have here. The island has magical properties. Period. Is it Atlantis, Lemuria, tied to the Bermuda Triangle? Doesn’t matter. Same thing goes for all those incredible coincidences, Smokey the monster and giant statues with six toes. They only exist as means to an end. Think of “Lost” as a really, really long “Twilight Zone” episode. The show is about the obsessive lengths characters will go to protect/control/understand this wondrous thing that defies reason. I don’t think the end game of the series finale is to whip out a sentient UFO -- or giant spider -- and go, ‘Ah Ha!’ but to come up with the most satisfying arcs for the main characters. This might tick off some folks but it’s pretty clever writing. Great finale. Wise scribes, I tip my hat to thee...


Took me a while, but I finally stopped drinking the DHARMA Kool-Aid. I caught the rebroadcast of the “Lost” season premiere last night and it did absolutely nothing for me. Sat stone-faced throughout the whole thing. I haven’t gotten around to checking out “Eli Stone” though -- which reminds me an awful lot of Fox’s short-lived “Wonderfalls” -- but from a distance, it looks spec worthy.