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like, more stuff and stuff

So remember a while back when I posted pictures of all those paintings I did? Well, last night I was a machine and I polished off all the remaining canvases in the house. And this time I even cleaned up the photographs to make 'em all purdy!

I created a 'paintings' album over at my MySpace profile which includes all the other monster paintings cleaned up all nice-like, plus some older pieces like THE SPICE GIRLS. Fuck yeah. So click and go look or something. Then buy some paintings so I can afford more canvas and get back to work!

DISCLAIMER: idea for "painting" totally stolen from cavemen at Lascaux

The boy in the lake urges you…

The voting for Dead Lantern's 1st annual Splatcademy Awards ends tonight! Clicken ze click click and make your voice heard! Especially if your voice is saying "I want Final Girl to win in the best blog/website category!"...otherwise...quiet, you.

That's a joke. Kind of.

No, really. Whatever.

Anyway, this is the last I will speak of this thing. Unless I win, in which case there simply will be no living with me! Come to think of it, that applies if I lose, as well. Hmmph. Guess we're all damned if we do, damned if we don't, huh?

The same can be said about pizza.

Shut up, that makes sense to me.

Holy fucking crap, I'm tired.

friday is fabulous!

Hey, I'm reminding you about the Dead Lantern Splatcademy Awards and how Final Girl is, like, nominated for a "Spooky" and stuff. If you'd like to vote for...you know, whoever (a-HEM), then you should do so ASAP, as I believe voting will end soon. Seize the day! Tell someone you love them! Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty! Let me tell you about my grandchildren! My other car is a broom! Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy!

In other me news, there's a little interview with...uh, me up at AMC's Monsterfest Blog. So, like, go read it if you want to know how I answered some questions and stuff. Or don't. See if I care. Jerk.

In other not me news, I can't wait until April 8, when The Nanny is released on DVD. No, I'm not talking about the Fran Drescher vehicle series (although if I were, would you hate me?)...I'm talking about the 1965 film featuring Bette Davis as an eeeevil nanny. Did I just say "Bette Davis as an eeeevil nanny"? Yes...yes I did. Which is why I've already picked out an engagement ring and when The Nanny comes home I'm so totally popping the question. Do you think I should do it in a public arena, like at a sports game? I think the added pressure of public scrutiny might guarantee me a yes and The Nanny and I will soon thereafter be bound in most unholy matrimony!

The Fabulous Moolah agrees, this Friday is indeed fabulous. But then, every day is fabulous for The Fabulous Moolah because she is fabulous. Although, perhaps things aren't so fabulous now because she's dead. Or maybe...just maybe...things are even fabulouser for her now because she's dead. Think about that.