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total liquidation! everything must go!

I tend to associate the term "liquidation sale" with furniture stores. Yet, here I am using said term without owning a furniture store. That's called life on the EDGE, my friends!

Anyway, I'm liquidating a bunch of paintings I have sitting around. I did them just because, and now I'm tired of looking at them. I could just throw them on eBay, but selling stuff on eBay is kind of a drag. I've reduced the asking price on these in my efforts to LIQUIDATE. I want them out of my house!

FYI, all proceeds will go to FREE FINAL GIRL- or, to be specific, to pay the fucking jaywalking ticket I got. For those of you who may not know the story because you are not my fake cyber Facebook or Twitter friends (why aren't you?), yes- I got a jaywalking ticket. I crossed an intersection- in the crosswalk but against the light BECAUSE THERE WERE NO CARS AND WHY SHOULD I JUST STAND THERE IF THERE ARE NO CARS- and a motorcycle cop "pulled me over" and wrote me a ticket. It was a very stupid HA HA matter until the ticket arrived in the mail with a YOU OWE $174 on it. Yes, one hundred and seventy four dollars, for crossing the street. Fine, for crossing illegally, but I thought that as an able-minded adult, I could cross the street of my own volition when it was safe.

Anyway, so money will go towards that. Here are the paintings I have sitting around. I also take commissions, if you want something to, you know, match your couch like all good art should. I guess I could even take sketch card commissions at this point. FREE FINAL GIRL!

Reduced prices are below, but there will be an extra $15 added for shipping (U.S. ONLY). Email me at stacieponder at gmail dot com if you're interested or to inquire about commissions. First come, first served!

Black Christmas 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas $50

Saw 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas $65

Bioshock: Big Daddy 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas $65

Bioshock: Little Sister 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas $65

*Buy both Big Daddy and Little Sister for $120!

Phantom of the Opera 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas $65

Deep Throat 16" x 20" acrylic on canvas $110

Gill Man 20" x 24" acrylic on canvas $125

The Thing 20" x 24" acrylic on canvas $125

for the THING lover in your life!

Treat him or her to this luscious 20" x 24" acrylic-on-canvas painting by moi!

Put a little MacReady in your home today! Fits with any decor. Don't believe me? Then behold!

art blitz super sale redux!

First of all, don't forget: Monday is Film Club Day! It's been a long time a-comin', I know. Are you psyched for...The Devil's Rain? I am. Watch it, write it up, send a link to me at stacieponder at gmail dot com and join the gang!

Hey, remember that time when I had a TOTALLY INSANE FIRE SALE on my stick figure art? Huh, do ya? No? Oh. Hmm. I was under the impression that you were hanging on my every word, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well. Click here to travel back into the past and learn all about it! Then come back here to the present.

Back? Good. Now then, the point of this is, I'm having another sale. 3 cards for $30! Hooray! Check out my gallery full of samples to see what's in store for ya...though the subject matter of your cards is (doy doy) up to you.

I'm also open for painting commissions- you can check out my gallery here. Email me to talk price, as size obviously varies.

"Take me home!"

You're probably not wondering why I'm having a Sale of Madness, but I'll tell you anyway. This morning I woke up to a dead computer monitor. No power, no nothin'. I kind of need one to use my desktop computer, which has...well, my whole GD life on it! All the programs I use for movie editing, scanning...really, everything, is on my desktop. Right now I'm using my Wicked Old Laptop, which has internet, MS Word, and Screenwriter, which means I can't do much.

So...art for sale = money = monitor. There you go. I'm not sure what variety of whore this makes me, although I'm sure I'm one with a heart of gold!

LUDLOW something something

I made this while I was dumping footage onto my computer. Working on a painting of the same image for...whatever reason.

It's so Dawn of the Dead-y, although that wasn't my intention going in. I don't even know if I had any intentions going in- it was just for fun. As was this painting, which is now sitting over in the corner:

So...I don't know. If anyone out there wants to buy a Gill-Man (The Creature Waves Hello!) or commission something else entirely, hit me up with an email. You can check out more over at the gallery on my website. Paintings make great gifts!

I assume. I mean, no one's ever bought me one, so I wouldn't really know.


Go see Drag Me To Hell this weekend!!

easy like Friday mornin’

Last night (or this morning, if you want to get all semantical about it), I went to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans so I could review it for AMC. I can't say I was overly enthused; beyond the catch a 12:10am show, then immediately write a review aspect of it, I knew next to nothing about the franchise and I didn't think it would be my cup of tea at all. How did I fare? How did the movie fare? Did I enjoy it, or did I want to kill myself? Read and find out, lest Rhona Mitra stab you with that pointy thing!

There's some new art posted over at my website- namely, a commission I recently completed: Miike's Audition.

No, I still haven't seen it. Yes, I'm a wicked big lame. I'd say I'd watch it tonight, but tonight Battlestar Galactica holds my heart and my mind captive.

Yes, I'm also a nerd...oh, come on. Like you didn't know that already.

who likes to buy stuff?

The answer is: EVERYBODY except perhaps Ebenezer Scrooge. Yes, children, it's that time of the year when people spend money they don't have buying gifts for people they don't really like out of obligation. So, I say unto thee, BEHOLD, for today is a grand day for a Grand Opening, is it not? Boils and ghouls, I give you, my brand newAmazon shop!

Take a look around, why don'tcha? Mayhaps you'll find that special something for that special someone. There's a permanent link over yonder in mah sidebar, so anytime you've got the itch to buy something from Amazon- which happens to me all the time- just come on in. I'll be adding stuff all the time, so check back if you feel like it. Or don't, if you're not cool enough.

If this was a real Grand Opening and not just a cyber one, I'd have cupcakes and fruit punch for you, I swear. Maybe even a barbershop quartet or a small brass band! Certainly the Mayor would be in attendance, and he'd hand me those giant novelty scissors with which I'd cut the ribbon that'd be draped across the front door of my shop; then everyone in the town square would let out a cheer, and people would rush in and buy so many copies of Sssss that I'd be able to pay my rent! "Hooray!" they'd yell..."Hooray!" and the crowd would lift me up and I've feel even prettier and more popular than Courtney Thorne-Smith of television's Melrose Place did when she was crowned The Dairy Princess in the made-for-TV thriller Midwest Obsession. Later on the mayor would hand me a Proclamation on REAL PAPER stating that December 2nd is, in fact, Final Girl Day, and he'd also give me the key to the city, which I didn't even know was my life's dream until right this very second.

Uh, anyway.

You know what else people love to receive for ChristmaKwanzaKkah? REAL ART! Yes, it's true. Giving art to your nearest and dearest for the holidays makes you seem classy. Why not commission a painting from moi before time runs out? Why, these fine works adorn some of the finest walls in all the land; doesn't that make you want to yell "Me too!" or something?

I realize this is an awful lot of pimping and I feel a little gross about it, but then again I'm broke. Happy holidays!

urgh! (a new blog post)

I say unto me, woe, my friends, for October has come and gone with nary a peep from yours truly. NARY A PEEP I SAY! It's a sad state of affairs, to be sure, when my most favoritest time of the year fails to spark a fire in me. But spark it did not! I've been experiencing...not exactly writer's block, per se, but rather, perhaps, writer's blah...as well as watcher's blah. Supreme unmotivation. I've hardly watched anything lately, and when I have managed to park it ("it" meaning "my ass") in front of a movie, it hasn't been horror-related. Sure, the recent Lifetime Movie Network Tori Spelling double feature got me all ten kinds of pumped (umm...back-to-back Co-Ed Call Girl and Awake to Danger, y'all...that's some mid-90s primo Tori action right there! Oh my god, I love Co-Ed Call Girl, especially when Tori's pimp starts talking about the incredible power she seems to have over men...), but that's not really Final Girl fodder. Or is it?

Meh. Though I haven't been jazzed enough lately to put cyber-pen to cyber-paper, I suppose it's time to get back on the cyber-horse. Maybe November can become the new October or something, and my love affair with horror movies will burst into passionate flames once more and I'll wonder why we ever spent a moment apart. Recommend something for me in the comments and maybe sparks will fly.

Lest you think I've simply been sitting here staring at the wall instead of posting, let me assure you: that's only 68% true. I've still been giving AMC their weekly dose of me...I just haven't been talking about it here. But today is the first day of the rest of my life, yes? Yes! So here are links to all the columns I've neglected to mention in recent...holy crap, in recent weeks. Fucking A, I suck!

- I wrote about William Castle and the lost art of gimmick movie-making.

- I created a DIY slashers guide, expanding a bit on my original Slashers 101 series.

- Great moments in gore, y'all.

- Resident Evil! I love Resident Evil!

- A wee recommendations guide.

- I reviewed Roger Corman's The Haunted Palace, starring Vincent Price and Lon Chaney, Jr. It's currently available to watch at amctv.com.

So, I've been writing. I've also been working some Ghostella's Haunted Tomb "magic"; I'd finished and uploaded the season finale, only to discover a need for reshoots. It's totally my fault and it's not really a big deal, but it's a pain in the arse all the same and the episode won't be up until next week, most likely. I can totally tease you about it, though, by saying this: I've got a special guest star! My special guest star is Lena Headey! Yes, the same Lena Headey who stars as Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yes, the same Lena Headey who starred as Queen Gorgo in 300. Yes (and perhaps most importantly), the same Lena Headey who starred as a super-sexy cave-diving scientist in The Cave. Lena Headey in Ghostella's Haunted Tomb? As the kids today might say, WTF? I wouldn't believe it either if I were you, but here's some photographic evidence in the form of a "screen" "cap" from the film.

I don't know why I put that in quotes; this really is a screencap.

I know; I still don't believe it, either.

So there's that. I've also been painting a bit. For all my fellow BioShock nerds out there, I made this set: a Little Sister and a Big Daddy:

FYI for all you citizens of Squaresville out there, BioShock is a video game.

I made this dizzazzling set for a friend's birthday: it's 4 glass coasters that double as picture frames, featuring Television's Greatest Geriatric Detectives!

Neat, huh? The pictures are about 1.5" square, and they come in the sweet-n-spinny holder rack thingy. If anyone is interested in...say, a set featuring horror type folks or what have you (I mean, like, coasters featuring Freddy, Michael, Jason, and Leatherface? Or Universal Monsters? Fuck yeah!), just get in touch with me. I'm open for coaster commissions and painting commissions, and I've got galleries on my MySpace and Facebook pages for you social networking goons out there.

Anytinkle, that's about that. Yeah, I think it's high time I made out with Final Girl again, don't you think? I've been so lax I have nary a clue as to what's going on in the horror world at all; I haven't checked the news in weeks. What have I missed? Have they remade the remake of Dawn of the Dead yet? Is Saw MCMVII due anytime soon? I'm so out of the loop; let's catch up over a coffee, preferably one from Dunkin' Donuts.

Oh, and one more thing before I go: You probably haven't heard much about it, but tomorrow is Election Day here in the US. I don't know what your political stripe is, and (aduh and adoy) Final Girl isn't about politics. Regardless, I'm urging any Californians out there to vote NO on Proposition 8. Let's not make discrimination legal, okay?

Here's one particularly eye-opening TV spot, which just so happens to star someone you're probably familiar with by now, Bridget McManus (stand up comedian, talk show host, Final Girl Film Club member, Ghostella's Haunted Tomb star, and my pal).

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find something to watch.


The Powers That Be have finally posted the newest episode of Ghostella's Haunted Tomb, "The Tape". It's my Rope! Kind of, in a way. You'll see. Maybe. Or not. Geez, what's your problem?

In other news, I wanted to post this painting I did for a friend's birthday- I've briefly spoken about the amazingness of Weng Weng in the past, so it was only a matter of time before I found an excuse to immortalize him on canvas. He's such a petite potato!

As always, you can see more of my paintings in my MySpace gallery, and I'm free for commissions. Well, I mean I'm free when I'm not out doing exciting, danger and intrigue-filled things. Doy.

like, more stuff and stuff

So remember a while back when I posted pictures of all those paintings I did? Well, last night I was a machine and I polished off all the remaining canvases in the house. And this time I even cleaned up the photographs to make 'em all purdy!

I created a 'paintings' album over at my MySpace profile which includes all the other monster paintings cleaned up all nice-like, plus some older pieces like THE SPICE GIRLS. Fuck yeah. So click and go look or something. Then buy some paintings so I can afford more canvas and get back to work!

DISCLAIMER: idea for "painting" totally stolen from cavemen at Lascaux