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scenes i love – the haunting

All this recent talk of Paranormal Activity has got me thinking about a movie I referenced in my review, The Haunting (1963). One of greatest haunted house movies ever made (if not THE greatest), it proves that what you hear but don't see can be more terrifying than any spectacle.

scenes i love – the changeling

A red rubber ball bouncing down the stairs.

I only feel a little bit foolish for getting so freaked out by it.

scenes i love – slumber party massacre

Over the years, my relationship with Slumber Party Massacre has vacillated between "It's a GD classic!" and "Meh". Right now, I'm somewhere in the "I kinda love it" camp, but that could change at the drop of a wig. Whatever my feelings may or may not be, however, there's simply no denying that the pizza scene is made of 100% pure win.

scenes i love – the evil dead

You know, if Cheryl hadn't worn that low-cut top and mini-skirt into the woods practically daring the trees to rape her, then none of this would have happened in the first place!

Though as I've grown into exquisite womanhood I've come to appreciate the humor in this film (yes, I'm generally slow on the uptake), but I'm not gonna lie- I'm still a wee bit scared of The Evil Dead. It's those damn eyes!

Read my original mini-review of The Evil Dead...if you dare!

scenes i love – silent hill

Say what you will, this movie's got its moments. No, really- SAY WHAT YOU WILL.

I wish they'd let me write the sequel.

scenes i love – salem’s lot

As Ben fashions a cross out of medical tape and tongue depressors, Mrs Glick awakens as a vampire. The waiting...the dread, knowing that the sheet covering her body is going to move- is almost too much to bear. I forget about it sometimes, but man, I heart Salem's Lot.

And David Soul totally brings it in this scene.

scenes i love – night of the living dead

The graveyard sequence that opens Night of the Living Dead is, to me, perhaps the most frightening in all zombiedom. It's also one of my favorites in all of horror.

Man, I really need to pony up the dough for the remastered edition. My $1.99 copy sucks.

scenes i love – the fog

scenes i love – creepshow