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Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Stars in Supernatural Web Horror Series

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (Prison Break) plays the lead role of “Lilith” in the new online supernatural series Soul Fire Rising, created by Kurt Patino and Dale Fabrigar. KoldCast.tv is set to run 8 episodes, each of which will be between three and five minutes in length. Soul Fire Rising takes us on a journey between [...]

Someone’s Knocking at the Door (2010)

Review by Michael Varrati Early promotional material for Chad Ferrin’s Someone’s Knocking at the Door proclaimed, rather boldly, that the movie was something of a cross between the works of Dario Argento and Russ Meyer. In truth, the film doesn’t really feel reminiscent of the respective oeuvres of either of these exploitation masters, but the point of [...]

After Dark Horrorfest 4 – All 8 Films to Die For Reviewed (2010)

Written by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier I finally got around to checking out all of After Dark Horrorfest’s “8 Films to Die For” since they were only in theaters for two seconds! I don’t feel like writing a lengthy review for each film, so I’m going to do a quickie review of each and list them from [...]

Eastwick Promo Trailer

Looks like a watered-down "Desperate Housewives" meets "Charmed". Three latent witches accidentally summon a devilish rogue to their quaint little town, (supernatural) hijinks ensue. Is this concept really capable of a 100 episode run? I have a hard time seeing it, but I felt the same way about "Charmed" when it debuted, so what the bleep do I know?

The Gathering

Kind of late, but I liked the legend behind this 2002 supernatural thriller. A group of souls forced to witness horrific events for all eternity -- punishment for hanging out at the crucifixion. Think a low budget version of "The Knowing".
Christina Ricci plays a young woman -- after being in a car accident -- who starts having strange visions while passing through a quaint English town. While folks puzzle over the images uncovered in a long forgotten church, a troubled man is about to snap and Ricci is the only person who seems concerned. Ioan "Mr. Fantastic" Gruffudd shows up for moral support -- and as a love interest in the 13 minute extended version not shown in the U.S.

The twists aren't that surprising, but I found it watchable. I can see where the third act might have turned some people off though. It threatens to break one of those unwritten movie rules in graphic fashion. Even if you don't break the rule, it's hard not come across as cheap and manipulative in the eyes of some.

The Reaping

Totally forgot I had this. Kind of a throwback to those bad seed, evil children flicks that were popular in the 70s and 80s -- but with much better special effects and a big twisty ending. Like “True Blood”, it doesn’t do the South any favors.

“The Reaping” isn’t a bad film, but there’s a TV-movie quality that it can’t seem to shake. I just don’t think the stakes are high enough. Will Hilary Swank kill the evil child and save the townsfolk from those nasty plagues? And it’s not quite the horror movie that the trailer suggests either. A couple of creepy scenes, but you’ll have to look long and hard for scares. With all that said, I’m surprised the film didn’t fare better at the box office, only 25 million. There’s a very specific audience for this, but the marketing department folks didn’t get enough of ‘em.

Story Starters

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Supernatural eps

I was already planning to say something about last night’s “Supernatural” when I came across an excellent interview in the latest “Creative Screenwriting Weekly" with show creator Eric Kripke. One of the more interesting points he brings up is that the focus isn't on putting the Winchester boys in mortal danger, but emotional distress. Makes sense ‘cause it’s not like the ghost/monster of the week is going to do them in. I have to admit, the show has improved significantly since the first season. Less black and white, more shades of grey. As far as my “Supernatural” spec goes, every time I think I’ve got something, a slight variation pops up the following week... back to the ole drawing board...