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Weekly Zombie Poll #1 – Zombies VS Ninjas

Zombies VS Ninjas

Ah, that classic clash of the titans, Zombies Vs. Ninjas. Ninjas are lightning fast, deadly, and of course, totally sweet. According to Robert Hamburger’s Real Ultimate Power website, ninjas:

  1. are mammals.
  2. fight ALL the time.
  3. flip out and kill people.

Now, in contrast, zombies:

  1. are dead already.
  2. never really sleep.
  3. also flip out and kill people.

So where do you stand? Zombies Vs. Ninjas - Who would win? Remember, ninjas are hot shit until they run out of throwing stars - and what could be scarier than am army of your zombiefied ninja comrades? On the other hand, zombie heads are notoriously soft and sliceable. You decide.
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