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Thriller Dance Comes To Your Town

If you haven't heard of "guerilla dance marketing" consider yourself informed. Sony-BMG is in the middle of a worldwide campaign to promote the 25th anniversary release of Michael Jackson's Thriller in which groups of people who don't appear to be together break into the signature dance. While this is a professional campaign put on to sell records, we can't help but be reminded of the viral video of Thriller as performed by inmates of a Philippino prison. Either way, it never ceases to amaze us how the distinctiveness of this dance is recognizable, even without the music, after a quarter century. If you don't think so, play any of the following videos on mute and see if the Thriller baseline or a Vincent Price voice over doesn't start playing in your head.


At a bus stop

On the tube (UK Subway)

Health and Wellness Tips From the Undead

Common knowledge suggests that taking living advice from the undead is not the best idea. They mill around, they don't eat right, they're falling apart. To quote law enforcement officials, "their dead, their all messed up." But perhaps this is a misconception, perhaps zombies are closer to living a healthy, well-centered life than most members of the living community. That the undead, by way of example, can teach the living a great deal about living fruitfully is the premise behind Scott Kenemore's new book, The Zen of Zombie.

Poking fun at Tao of _____ books (with the blank filled with Winnie the Pooh, the Mac operating system or Womanhood) Kenemore's Zen explains how even zombies, the most virulent and dangerous of ungodly creatures, have traits and abilities which can be learned and duplicated by the average person to reach a more peaceful and fulfilling existence. An excerpt:
Remember, It's Just Stuff When in pursuit of a victim, a zombie may lose articles of clothing on tree branches or door frames. It may leave one or both of its shoes when it chases someone through a muddy field. Eyeglasses or glass eyes. Tiaras or tube-tops. Once they're gone, a zombie isn't sopping to pick them up. Attachment to possessions would only hold a zombie up an waste time. Stopping to retrieve a lost shoelace or a treasured childhood knick knack would only distract it that much from its prize (a victim's brain). You see, a zombie understands that time is valuable, and material possessions are expensive in more than one way. It's [an understanding and] a resolve that humans could stand to cultivate
You can't beat that logic. Not only is Zen of Zombie packed with treasures such as this, it also features entertaining illustrations every few pages to accompany important tips and lessons. If you would like to read more we suggest you pick up Zen of Zombie soon. In the meantime, enjoy this video of Zombies doing yoga in support of Zen and the zombie health movement. Who knew the dead were so flexible?

You Got Fire On My Zombie!

We recently came across a pretty entertaining podcast titled "Zombie" from Brady and Brien Shoemaker over at the Shodcast . The podcast starts with a discussion of their individual plans for what to do in the event of a horrible catastrophe (e.g. giant meteor strikes the earth, climate change causes giant tidal wave) but quickly evolves into what they would do in the event of the most horrific catastrophe, a zombie plague. While neither of the speakers claim to be any kind of expert, they both draw conclusions based on what they have seen in zombie movies and videogames. How could that not be entertaining? In this podcast you will hear answers to all-important questions like:

How would people in rural areas respond to news of a zombie outbreak?

What is the best weapon for fighting zombies?

Where is the best place for a zombie standoff?

Why didn't the House of the Dead arcade game let you use a sword?


Notes From a User-Generated Apocalypse

Lastdaysjournal.com is a record of future events written by the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The site, which can be described as part role-playing game, part-blog, and part social network, is now accepting registrations from anyone with a heartbeat and a story left to tell. Having perused lastdaysjournal ourselves, we here at ZNN are quite impressed with how remarkably well this is put together. Each new survivor can join other survivors throughout the globe by contributing to their own on-site journal, uploading images, and recording video and audio logs of their struggle. Below are a few examples of content contributed by existing survivors:

VIDEO: Short video journal entry by a couple barricaded in and getting irritable in Hollywood.

VIDEO: A filmed first encounter with a running corpse by a border patrol officer.

AUDIO: A looping radio message posted by a survivor and heard by several others heard in and around Sydney, Australia. (Listen HERE)

BLOG: YellowDrakex is a surviving youngster who writes a lighthearted blog about what remains of living in a well-protected town in Wisconsin, USA (Read it HERE)

In case you missed all of the above link, you can join the last days journal by going to lastdaysjournal.com.

Great Zombie Music Videos

We did a report a while back about Members of the Philipino prison system reenacting Michael Jackson's Thriller as part of their exercise routine which you can see HERE. In watching that video again we are reminded of a few other great music videos involving zombies that don't get as much coverage as MJ's Thriller but still deserve to be featured. Here are a few of those

The Misfits - Scream

Phantom Planet - Big Brat (+ extended "making of" version)

Aesop Rock - Coffee feat. John Darnielle

Zombies in Plain English

Zombies in Plain English is a video made by the helpful folks over at CommonCraft to help the public with zombie identification and defense in the always undead-heavy Halloween season. Simple and to the point.

"If you're worried about your loved-ones, help spread the word."

The Rise of Zombie Television (ZTV?)

Zombie Television (ZTV?) may be the unexpected trend in programming appearing on broadcast and network stations in the coming seasons. While it was nearly inevitable that the undead would make an appearance in some form or another in genre projects like Masters of Horror, the epidemic is most definitely spreading. In addition to Babylon Fields, a zombie program being produced for CBS and slated for premiere sometime in the coming year, it has recently come to ZNN's attention that another project set in a town beseiged by the undead begun filming in Salt Lake City this past summer under the working title of The Rising. While there is no word yet as to whether this series is in any way related to Brian Keene's zombie novel by the same name, we do have a short video shot by a volunteer zombie extra on the set of The Rising in addition to some photos of zombie makeup work that will appear on the program.

You can see more pictures from the set of The Rising HERE and read the full report on the zombie extra experience on the set of The Rising from Brandon Griggs of the Salt Lake Tribune HERE.