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Supernatural eps

I was already planning to say something about last night’s “Supernatural” when I came across an excellent interview in the latest “Creative Screenwriting Weekly" with show creator Eric Kripke. One of the more interesting points he brings up is that the focus isn't on putting the Winchester boys in mortal danger, but emotional distress. Makes sense ‘cause it’s not like the ghost/monster of the week is going to do them in. I have to admit, the show has improved significantly since the first season. Less black and white, more shades of grey. As far as my “Supernatural” spec goes, every time I think I’ve got something, a slight variation pops up the following week... back to the ole drawing board...

Noctem Aeternus Folding After Just One Issue

Last April I wrote a post about a new magazine called Noctem Aeternus. It offered 10c a word for accepted work and that’s not bad, especially for a free magazine.

I just got an email today that states that the first issue will also be the last issue. It’s a pity, but I can’t say that I am surprised. New markets usually up their rates when they become established and 10c a word is quite a lot to offer when your product is unknown and untested.

Well, I haven’t been blogging much lately. Did you notice? Did you miss me?

I’ve been busy with a few things one of which was the second draught of this novel thingummy-jig that I have been trying to write. I’ve finished that now. Draught two ran to 54 000 words. I can’t even remember what draught one’s word count was, but I think it was about the same. I took few things out, but I added a few as well. I think I might start draught three in a day or two. Still lots to do on it, I’m afraid.

Getting tired of the zombies yet?

I'm not.

This will be the last time I write about Romero's Dead films until Diary of the Dead comes out.

Hello to David Agranoff who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday in sunny Victoria.

Yeah, yeah…I should have posted this Monday but I was away…

So now you get it whilst I procrastinate over this Monday's column!

Dawn of the Departed

This week's Reel Dread is up. I'm following on the heels of my Night of the Living Dead analysis with the second film in Romero's Dead Cycle: Dawn of the Dead.

I also watched The Departed tonight and I really thought it was better than Infernal Affairs. Both Nicholson and DiCaprio were awesome. I originally thought they were trying to buy Scorcese an Oscar with the casting butafter watching it I take that back.