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The Road to Oscar Paved With Vamps and Action Movies: A Tribute to Kathryn Bigelow

In celebration of Women in Horror Month we will be running a series of articles focused on the women of horror from guest contributors. Articles will run the gamut from spotlighting women authors, women filmmakers, female characters in horror films, scream queens, horrific artists and more and will run every week in February! This week [...]

Interview with Scream Queen and Producer Brooke Lewis

Written by Dana R. Davidson As February is Women in Horror month I thought it the perfect time to sit down with the vivacious, talented, and driven Scream Queen and Producer, Brooke Lewis. Brooke Lewis is one of the hardest working women in horror. Originally from Philadelphia, she moved to NY where she worked off [...]

Feb 28, Bone Creatures Hunt Humans in 90’s Film

What's the early 90's movie where people are being hunted by things made of bones with heat sensors that allow them to see human body heat? One guy is

Feb 28, Two Guys Collect Body Parts

There's a film where two guys collect body parts, and in one scene they seduce a girl and when she's nude she fights back but they still end up killing

Feb 28, B&W: Guy in Movie Theatre Eats Rat

It's a black and white movie I watched when I was little where a guy in an old cinema theatre eats a rat. Anyone remember the name

Feb 28, B&W: Woman’s Face Becomes Horrid in 50’s Film

I remember a scene from a black and white film where an attractive woman is thrown on a bed by a man. She's covering her face as soon as she looks up from

Feb 28, Aliens Are Tentacles With Human Heads in 80’s Film

I am looking for an 80's film where aliens wear the heads of family members on tentacles. Any ideas

Feb 28, Babysitter Tries To Find Boy Pulled Underneath Bed

What's the film where a younger brother ticks his older sister or babysitter off and goes to site on the end of his bed, and suddenly camera is under the

South African TERMINATRYX Unleashes Horror-Inspired Music Video

“Virus”, the horror-inspired music video of Cape Town based female-fronted industrial-metal band TERMINATRYX, is in fact a three-pronged project breaking South African boundaries and expectations. Originally in October 2009 a werewolf transformation promo clip was produced by Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg for their South African HORRORFEST Film Festival (est. 2005).  It was directed by Paul (also [...]

Feb 27, Evil Stones on Airplane in 80’s Film

I remember a TV movie from the mid 80's about some stones on a plane going to the USA and a storm halts the plane mid air. Any ideas

Report: Women in Horror Event at Dark Delicacies

Written By Dana R. Davidson February 2011 marked the 2nd annual Women in Horror Month and what better place to celebrate such an occasion than at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. In attendance with me was photographer Terrence Kelsey who was gracious enough to offer his photographic skills to help me cover the event that [...]

Feb 27, Evil Killer Dog Escapes Lab That Created Him

I'm looking for a horror movie about an evil Doberman who escapes the lab that created him while they're doing terrible research on him, and starts to

Feb 27, B&W: Mute Ghost Girl Lures Men to Their Death

Does anyone know the title of a black and white pre-70's film where there's a party going in the 50's in a house and one of the guests is a ghost lady

Feb 27, B&W: Woman Stalked by Murderer in Library

What is the old black and white movie where a woman is being stalked by a murderer in a library

Teaser Trailer for Indie Horror “The Lashman”

Red Headed Revolution Pictures has debuted the teaser trailer for The Lashman from filmmaker Cameron McCasland. The teaser trailer coincides with the first poster image and website launch of Lashmanmovie.com. The Lashman is a tale of terror. Five friends set out for a weekend camping excursion to find that their camp fire tales have turned [...]