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Horror Roundtable Week 100

Say your goodbyes. Dave - Rue Morgue’s The Abbatoir The problem I’ve often had with the Horror Roundtable questions is that sometimes they feel too broad, that they demand an essay or a top ten to answer appropriately. Ah, such is the excitement of a horror geek. Steve’s project has been a fantastic forum for passionate genrephiles to [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-Nine

Name a piece of horror art or entertainment that you believe changed the genre, and explain how. Jeff O’Brien NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. I think it ushered in the era of graphic horror even more than the drive in gore flicks that preceded it. It was graphic, dour and realistic. And the zombie [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-Eight

Name your all-time favourite special effect sequence in a horror film. Jeff O’Brien Night of the Demons. The lipstick into Linnea Quigley’s nipple. Sean - Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat This is no doubt getting ridiculous, but my favorite is from Hellraiser: Frank’s grisly rebirth through the floorboards. The combination of that great stop-motion gore and the rapturous Christopher Young [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-Seven

Name a movie considered by most to be non-horror that you consider more terrifying than most horror films. Chick Young - Trash-Aesthetics There’s a good many films that come to mind, but, I think, one in particular stands out for me. I’ll go with A Simple Plan (1998). A cautionary morality tale reminiscent of Rod Serling’s wisdom [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-Six

Name the one horror prop you would most want to own. Jeff O’Brien The electrical gear from the doctor’s lab in Frankenstein… Eric - Bloody Good Horror One of those replica Nightmare on Elm St. gloves. I’ve got one of the cheap New Line plastic ones. And although they do have their own full metal version (seems [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-Five

Name one of your favourite horror movies from when you were a child, and describe how you felt about it then and how you feel about it now. Jeff O’Brien The EXORCIST. I recall it played on TV largely uncut and it scared the Hell out of me. To this day it makes me uncomfortable. Demonic [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-Four

Share a favourite horror quote. Jeff O’Brien “We’re done, man! Game Over!” Cpl Hicks, ALIENS. Sean - Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat For my money there’s no beating “We have such sights to show you…” as said by Pinhead in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. Sums up the whole damn genre. Also, one time a girl said it to me before sexytime, [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-Three

Name one of your favourite pieces of writing on the horror genre. T Van - Tolerated Vandalism I think my Danse Macabre by Stephen King was a really great book. I also really enjoyed Adam Rockoff’s recent book on the slasher genre, Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, 1978 to 1986. [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-Two

Name your favourite guilty pleasure in horror. Jeff O’Brien Lesbian scenes. Gratuitous lesbian scenes. There, I said it and I’m not sorry… T Van - Tolerated Vandalism I think guilty pleasures are fantastic. I’m not afraid to admit that I like Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. It’s probably one of the most hated sequels [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety-One

Name your favourite reference to anything horror-related in a non-horror setting. T Van - Tolerated Vandalism I always loved the mention of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the 1987 Mark Harmon classic Summer School. How cool would it be to be able to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre during summer school? I have to [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Ninety

Name your favourite supporting character in Horror. Eric - Bloody Good Horror Easily, Dr. Loomis. Even though people think of Donald Pleasance as the star of a lot of those films, he’s really more a secondary character to the teen leads. It’s a testament to the power of the character and of Donald Pleasance’s portrayal [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Eighty-Nine

Name your favourite horror locale. Sean - Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat Give me a deep, dark lake with a creature of some kind in it and I’m sound as a pound. Runner-up: Besieged buildings (malls, supermarkets, farmhouses with gas pumps out front, Bodega Bay lakehouses, Helm’s Deep, etc.). Eric - Bloody Good Horror I have lots of favorites (summer camp [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Eighty-Eight

Name three-to-five directors you would invite to create the ultimate horror anthology film. Sean - Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat Because I’m an eternal optimist, I’m going to limit myself to living directors so that this dream project could actually happen. Maybe I’m just in an Oscar mood, but as I’ve said before, There Will Be Blood [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Eighty-Seven

Name your choices for the best and worst dressed characters in Horror. Eric - Bloody Good Horror Not sure about best, but worst is easy, “Jason X”. I never did understand why people in the future wore mesh shirts, bad spandex, and fuzzy purple sweaters. Oh well, I guess that was the least outlandish thing [...]

Horror Roundtable Week Eighty-Six

Describe a scene in a horror film that brought you to close to tears. Sean - Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat The climax of Heavenly Creatures is one of the most affecting, disturbing, unforgettable sequences in any movie ever. Retropoliltan - Tales To Astonish Even though “Real Men” aren’t supposed to be brought to tears by scenes in horror films, I [...]