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Getting tired of the zombies yet?

I'm not.

This will be the last time I write about Romero's Dead films until Diary of the Dead comes out.

Hello to David Agranoff who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday in sunny Victoria.

Yeah, yeah…I should have posted this Monday but I was away…

So now you get it whilst I procrastinate over this Monday's column!

Dawn of the Departed

This week's Reel Dread is up. I'm following on the heels of my Night of the Living Dead analysis with the second film in Romero's Dead Cycle: Dawn of the Dead.

I also watched The Departed tonight and I really thought it was better than Infernal Affairs. Both Nicholson and DiCaprio were awesome. I originally thought they were trying to buy Scorcese an Oscar with the casting butafter watching it I take that back.