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Romero Challenges Backyard FX: Zombie Bite Effect

This is a pretty cool zombie video that got sent over our way recently. Apparently zombie-maestro George Romero recently challenged Indy Mogul’s “Backyard FX” and their host, Erik Beck, to recreate a bite effect from his new movie – on the ultra-cheap. Romero’s challenge: reproduce the bite effect for below $50. The result? Beck was able to recreate the effect [...]

Devil’s Crossing Trailer Finally Released!

Ever since the movie’s producers first wrote about Devil’s Crossing a few months back, we’ve been waiting MONTHS to see a trailer for the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie western. Well, Zombiephiles, that wait is over – the new Devil’s Crossing trailer is finally out! Our sources within the movie’s production team say that the post-production should be done soon and they’ve [...]

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Dawn of the Dreadfuls Trailer

If you somehow missed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you’d better get cracking – ’cause there’s a prequel out already, and they’ve even made a trailer for it. That’s right. It’s a trailer…for a book. Now before we go one step farther, I want to point out that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls isn’t written by [...]

The Crazies Movie Trailer

For you younger zombiephiles out there, you probably don’t remember “The Crazies,” one of Romero’s earliest movies. Although not technically a zombie movie, it’s still remembered as one of Romero’s best. That’s why we were pretty stoked when we heard that they’ve made a remake, and it’s about to open. We’ve brought you the Crazies trailer for your viewing perusal. [...]

ZMD – Zombies of Mass Destruction Trailer

Check out this trailer for ZMD – Zombies of Mass Destruction, a newish zombie comedy/parody that’s getting some very good critical reactions from zombiephiles and regular folks alike. With a little luck and some fancy downloading skills, we’ll be posting a review of Zombies of Mass Destruction in the coming weeks!

Fort Zombie Gameplay Video

You’re trapped in a small town with a whole city of zombies headed your way! When they get there, will you be ready to fend them off? Check out the trailer for “Fort Zombie,” available now for download: Choose a stronghold. Get help. Find food. Secure weapons. Hold back the tide of undead Try and survive to see the dawn. Kinda sounds awesome, huh? We’ll be posting [...]

Zombies VS George W. Bush

This zombiephile would just like to be the first to say, “I told you so.”

The United States government, and President Bush in particular, have been fighting the good fight against the imminent zombie outbreak for months now; as we’ve been living our lives in quiet desperation, worrying about the economy and terrorism and our mortgages, our heroic soon-to-be-ex-president has taken the fight to the zombies.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Although this zombiephile voted Obama, there’s one thing we can say for sure: the new administration will be nowhere near as prepared to deal with the zombie menace as the Bush administration was.

I mean, c’mon - Vice President Cheney shot a guy in the face because he thought he was a zombie (you didn’t really believe he thought the guy was a small bird, did you?)! Do you think Joe Biden will have the balls to turn the shotgun on his best friend, when the zombie moment comes? I think not!

Zombies in Plain English

Zombiephiles of the world, rejoice! Common Craft, a website dedicated to providing explanations for everything under the sun in simple, plain English, with accompanying videos, has finally taken the zombie threat seriously - they’ve posted a Zombies in Plain English guide to understanding, surviving, and ultimately thriving, in the context of a zombie outbreak.

Click here to view the embedded video.

This zombiephile’s undead heart is warmed to see that someone out there finally agrees that setting zombies on fire is a terrible idea (see our Ten WORST Things to Do During a Zombie Outbreak). Now, can we all just agree that using chainsaws on zombies is a bad idea?