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#goodreads – Annabelle

Horrorlair has the script here.

This prequel/spin-off of The Conjuring wasn't exactly on my must-see list for 2014 because I just don't find most creepy doll stories all that creepy. However, there are a few exceptions...

What I like here is the ambiguity for most of the story. Is he slowly going insane or is that cute, plastic doll harboring a malevolent entity?

Anyway, back to Annabelle, what sane person would want this in their home?

At least Tina looked like something a kid might want...

 Take a look at the "real" Annabelle:

Still there? Hope I didn't cause any sudden heart attacks. Given the right scenario, I can see how a Raggedy Ann doll with big eyes and a sweet smile could freak some people out-- especially those with coulrophobia. I thought Annabelle's Hollywood makeover seemed too much of a cliche, but audiences obviously disagreed.

When you say possessed doll, this guy usually comes to mind:

From what I gather, Annabelle doesn't go this route, so I'm curious to see how they pulled it off...