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Exclusive Interview w/ George A. Romero

(If you can't see the video click here.)

For those of you who have not already seen George Romero's most recent film, Diary of the Dead, it is an excellent example of what a zombie movie should be and what producers of undead cinema should aspire to. Based on the fact that you are reading a zombie news blog however, it is safe to assume you have already seen Diary of the Dead. That said, we recorded an interview with Mr. Romero himself which took place after an advance screening this past February hosted by the Museum of the Moving Image. In this exclusive interview, George discusses his first introductions to the horror genre as well as how he went from shooting in Pittsburgh to shooting in Canada. Give it a listen to hear George's answer to:
  • Why he could never be a wartime filmmaker or photographer
  • How he feels new media has impacted American culture
  • What his relationship is like with other famous genre directors
  • Why he has begun to use more digital effects
  • What his writing process is like prior to shooting a film
  • AND OF COURSE - What is the possibility for a sequel to Diary of the Dead
Accompanying the interview are some Diary of the Dead screenshots and pictures related to the production and release of the film as well as some shots from the advance screening provided by George of the New York Horror Meetup Group.

Thriller Dance Comes To Your Town

If you haven't heard of "guerilla dance marketing" consider yourself informed. Sony-BMG is in the middle of a worldwide campaign to promote the 25th anniversary release of Michael Jackson's Thriller in which groups of people who don't appear to be together break into the signature dance. While this is a professional campaign put on to sell records, we can't help but be reminded of the viral video of Thriller as performed by inmates of a Philippino prison. Either way, it never ceases to amaze us how the distinctiveness of this dance is recognizable, even without the music, after a quarter century. If you don't think so, play any of the following videos on mute and see if the Thriller baseline or a Vincent Price voice over doesn't start playing in your head.


At a bus stop

On the tube (UK Subway)

You Got Fire On My Zombie!

We recently came across a pretty entertaining podcast titled "Zombie" from Brady and Brien Shoemaker over at the Shodcast . The podcast starts with a discussion of their individual plans for what to do in the event of a horrible catastrophe (e.g. giant meteor strikes the earth, climate change causes giant tidal wave) but quickly evolves into what they would do in the event of the most horrific catastrophe, a zombie plague. While neither of the speakers claim to be any kind of expert, they both draw conclusions based on what they have seen in zombie movies and videogames. How could that not be entertaining? In this podcast you will hear answers to all-important questions like:

How would people in rural areas respond to news of a zombie outbreak?

What is the best weapon for fighting zombies?

Where is the best place for a zombie standoff?

Why didn't the House of the Dead arcade game let you use a sword?


Great Zombie Music Videos

We did a report a while back about Members of the Philipino prison system reenacting Michael Jackson's Thriller as part of their exercise routine which you can see HERE. In watching that video again we are reminded of a few other great music videos involving zombies that don't get as much coverage as MJ's Thriller but still deserve to be featured. Here are a few of those

The Misfits - Scream

Phantom Planet - Big Brat (+ extended "making of" version)

Aesop Rock - Coffee feat. John Darnielle