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Zombiephiles.com Is Getting a Facelift

Rejoice, fellow zombiephiles! After a long, lingering, festering absence, our Zombiephilic site admin has returned and is in the process of re-designing and upgrading The Zombiephiles. Here’s a rundown of a few of the upcoming changes you may or may not notice:

  • Gravatar Support. The Zombiephiles now supports Gravatars, avatar icons that follow you from site to site. When you write comments, simply use the email address you’ve registered with at Gravatars and your avatar icon should show up automatically (like mine!)

  • Comment Auto-Moderation. No more will you have to wait for our undead editor to shuffle to the keyboard and approve your comment. New spam moderation features mean that we can now accept comments without administrator moderation - so keep it clean, people!
  • Add / Share Links. At long last, you can quickly and conveniently add your favorite articles on the Zombiephiles to your favorite linking services, including Digg, Reddit, Sharethis, and del.icio.us. So get linking!

In addition to new features, we’re revamping the site’s styling, so things should start looking sexier and sexier. Not the zombies, but the site surrounding them. Zombies almost never look sexy (except when the Zombiephile writes about sexy zombies).

Site upgrades will be ongoing, and of course, there’s our new Zombie Showdowns poll section to chew on. We’ll be reviewing some new zombie movies (including “Zombies Zombies Zombies,” the new zombies vs. stripper movie) and bringing you survivors more of that zombie cultural analysis that you love us for.

So, until next time, zombiephiles of the world, unite!