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Enter the Zombiephile-ette

I fuckin’ hate zombies!

Well, people, it’s official: yer old pal Chester is no longer Idaho’s most eligible zombie survivalist.

That’s right, those lonely nights spent sharpening shovels are over! From now on my nights are gonna be spent sharpening shovels in the company of my luscious new girlfriend, Josella Chysalids-Harris. She’s saucy, sexy, and she loves zombies - perfect for me!

Now, you all remember how my life was ruined by zombies - well, Josella’s the first good thing that’s happened to me since that fateful zombie-filled night.

My hottie with a naughty body.

She’s randy as a minx and has a hunger…for zombies! And triffids, which I don’t really understand, but which she’s written about this week here on the Zombiephiles. So from now on you’ll be seeing Josella pretty often, when we’re not out riding our 4-wheelers and hunting coons. Raccoons, that is!

Man, things have been going so well for me lately - I even got my job at the mattress factory back! But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten how zombies got me the last time - I’m always vigilant now. But at least now I’ve finally found a saucy little minx to share my goal of eradicating zombies from the planet! So keep your eyes peeled for more triffid-inspired posts from my sexy Josella - and try not to be too jealous, Zombiephiles - there’s enough Josella to go around.