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A mistery unveiled

The author of the horror thriller "Heart-Shaped Box" was finnaly uncovered as the older son of the famous Stephen King - Joseph Hillstrom King...

The identity of "Joe Hill" has been kept a mistery for quite a long until his novel became a huge success...

Read it all here: "Secret of horror writer's lineage broken".

The Darkness Compendium

"Mafia hit-man Jackie Estacado thought he had it all figured out. After he did his first "job" for the family at 16 years old he knew that, although short, his life would be filled with money, sex, and power. But on his 21st birthday, Jackie inherited the family secret?an unholy power known only as The Darkness--that would change his life forever. Now virtually unstoppable at night or in the shadows, he is master of his dark domain. Little does he know, that the Darkness now has plans of it's own for Jackie.

The Darkness is a bd novel by Top Cow Productions, Inc. created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis and David Whol.
Now they have made a Compendium out of it!

You can read/preview some of its pages here: The Darkness Compendium.

Graphically is very good and the story seems really good.

You can also buy the original issues here: The Darkness - Top Cow Productions.