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Survival of the Dead (2010)

Review by Chris Jacques **There might be a spoiler or two…not plot points or twists, necessarily, but spoilers** It’s been a few months now that I’ve been seeing previews for George Romero’s latest installment in the “Dead” saga, Survival of the Dead. Those few months hadn’t left me very interested in the film at all; unlike days [...]

Exclusive Interview w/ George A. Romero

(If you can't see the video click here.)

For those of you who have not already seen George Romero's most recent film, Diary of the Dead, it is an excellent example of what a zombie movie should be and what producers of undead cinema should aspire to. Based on the fact that you are reading a zombie news blog however, it is safe to assume you have already seen Diary of the Dead. That said, we recorded an interview with Mr. Romero himself which took place after an advance screening this past February hosted by the Museum of the Moving Image. In this exclusive interview, George discusses his first introductions to the horror genre as well as how he went from shooting in Pittsburgh to shooting in Canada. Give it a listen to hear George's answer to:
  • Why he could never be a wartime filmmaker or photographer
  • How he feels new media has impacted American culture
  • What his relationship is like with other famous genre directors
  • Why he has begun to use more digital effects
  • What his writing process is like prior to shooting a film
  • AND OF COURSE - What is the possibility for a sequel to Diary of the Dead
Accompanying the interview are some Diary of the Dead screenshots and pictures related to the production and release of the film as well as some shots from the advance screening provided by George of the New York Horror Meetup Group.

Diary of the Dead Poster Gallery

Since George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead was announced so many months ago a number of poster have been circulating around the web, some official, some not. Our attitude here at ZNN has always been that if it looks good does it really matter if it's official? With that said, this post will be an ongoing collection of the posters for Diary of the Dead expected in theater's

Most recent poster (it looks official, even has the Weinstein Company logo at the bottom)

Poster 3.jpg

Poster released earlier this month also (looks official but I think I recognize those zombies)

Poster 2.jpg

Original poster released not long after Romero announced that he would be doing the film back in August of 2006.

Poster 1.jpg

And to round it out, a fan-made poster for the just announced Diary of the Dead sequel (Hey look, it's the lady zombie from poster 2. Maybe it was done by the same guy)

poster 4

Trailer: George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead

Diary of the Dead - Trailer and Contest

The first trailer for Diary of the Dead has been released through the films myspace page. Before the trailer the trailer George discusses a contest in which amateur filmmakers will be able to send in their short horror films and the best one will be featured on the DVD release of this film.

George A Romero's Diary of the Dead will see limited release on February 15th, so cross your fingers and hope it's coming to a theater near you.