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True Blood

Wasn’t the complete train wreck that I was expecting, but nobody is going confuse this with “Six Feet Under” or “Buffy” any time soon. The accents were more than a little grating and the tone was all over the place. And how about throwing in a couple of ignorant Yankees to spread the offensive stereotypes around? I suspect the show might have been a little too over the top for a lot of viewers. Still, I’m curious enough to see where things go...

True Blood

HBO is pulling out all the stops for True Blood. Postcards with Sumerian text sent to horror fans, pseudo news reports with real reporters, vampire social networks, etc. But does all that stuff really work? How about more emphasis on the story, characters and relationships?

Vampires are tailor-made for soapy dramas, but no one has been able to pull it off since “Dark Shadows”. “Kindred: The Embraced” and "Ultraviolet" (UK mini-series) had some potential.

There are some talented people behind this, but it could go either way...