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Yep…ANOTHER Zombie Survival Guide

With all the zombie survival books to choose from, I think it’s important to point out what makes this book stand out from the rest. First of all, Page’s Zombie Survival Manual from Hayes is very detailed without being overwhelming. Many other survival books are so difficult to get through, it would be easier to take on an undead horde […]

New Z Plan Series [Book Review]

Mikhail Lerma is the author of the Z Plan series. I committed to reading and reviewing the first two books of the series, so I’m recommending the Z Plan series, even though I thought Blood On The Sand was a weak start. After having read the second book, I think the story becomes much more interesting, and the author’s writing […]

Jill’s Story: An Online Zombie Story

I was chatting with my friend, Lisa Conger, on Twitter, and she mentioned that chapter 8 was finished. Jill’s Story is a work in progress, and while Lisa claims to be jotting down zombie “daydreams,” I see a potential for a fantastic novella. At first, I was just going to tweet the link (http://tiny.cc/JillsZombieStory) but then I decided to write [...]

My Two Moans: Zombie Sex!

Yes… one day when the time comes we will be involved in zombie sex one way or another. Below are two hypothetical ways we may wind up involved in zombie sex: You are a zombie and you want to make sweet passionate love to another zombie, or maybe even an uninfected person. One problem with this obviously would be the mechanics. What [...]

Living With the Dead – A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Blog!

When we think about zombies, we usually think about zombie movies first, zombie books second, and zombie video games third. Those of us who are pretty hardcore zombiephiles will occasionally then think about comics (because there are a goodly number of excellent zombie comics out there). Those of us who are seriously, seriously obsessed with zombies might even think about [...]

Zombies + Freemasons = Awesome (UPDATED!)

Hardcore Zombiephiles are almost a fraternal brotherhood (and sisterhood) unto themselves; although we might not have a secret handshake, community outreach programs, or, in fact, any organization whatsoever, we nonetheless unite around the common axis of zombie survival, engaging in often impassioned debate about the future of our society and our planet. But zombiephiles aren’t the only fraternal organizations out there [...]

Zombies Overrun St. Petersburg, Florida

Zombiephiles of St. Petersburg, Florida, unite! The teenage vampire craze may be sweeping over the rest of the fat chicks in the United States, but St. Petersburg, Florida, has declared itself to be a zombie town at heart. That’s because St. Petersburg native Aaron Alper has put together a compendium of zombie short stories, fourteen all, that takes place entirely in [...]

My Two Moans – If I Were a Zombie

I was playing Stubbs The Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse today and it got me thinking: if I were a zombie, what kind of zombie would I be? I’d still be a big guy of course. Would that affect my ability to be a zombie? Since I’m not going to make it through the zombie apocalypse because of my bad cardio [...]