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Boogeyman 2

Caught this on Sci-Fi over the weekend. Surprised it wasn’t edited more for basic cable ‘cause they sure got away with a few gruesome scenes -- the cardioectomy instantly comes to mind. This sequel doesn’t have much in common with its predecessor. No supernatural monster, just a slasher flick set in a mental hospital. There is a slight attempt to connect the two films, but it doesn’t mean very much. Avoid the glaring red herring and you should be able to figure out the killer pretty quickly.

I really haven’t devoted as much time as I should to work on minimal location scripts. A good angle for a story always seems to elude me...


If the Sci-Fi Channel had an award show for their movies -- and they should, F. Murray Abraham would be taking home “Best Death” for his final scene in “Bloodmonkey”. After all these years, he’s still got it!