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Fringe: Ability

Great episode last night. There are times when it feels like the writers have been digging through some discarded “Alias” scripts, but I think the overall quality of the show has improved since it came back from the break -- and now we have to wait until April for new episodes?

Fringe: Same Old Story

The season premiere of “House” will definitely boost the ratings, but I don’t think this was an improvement over the pilot. The short-lived “Nightstalker” series with Gabrielle Union and Stuart Townsend did an episode about a serial killer who paralyzed her victims before feeding on their pituitary glands. It’s been done many times over. I don’t mind the recycled plot, just give me better execution. The pregnancy was a nice misdirection, but not enough moments like that.

UPDATE: Over 13 million viewers last night. Not bad.