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Nothing will come between you and this blu-ray…

 ...if, of course, you decide to pick it up at some point! I am of course talking about the new fancy-pants limited edition of High Tension from Second Sight Films, coming November 27th and now available for pre-order

And I do mean fancy-pants. Just look at it! It's got all sorts of interviews and features and commentaries and writing, including an essay by yours truly. Limited editions from Second Sight are always drool-worthy (I sleep with their Lake Mungo release under my pillow every night. I won't lie, it's not comfortable at all, but I can't help myself. It's so pretty.) so I'm looking forward to getting this one in my greasy, bloody clutches. It's also just plain nice to see High Tension get an upgrade! And NO I'm not interested in hearing about how "the movie is good until the twist ruins it." Save it for the next person you pass on the street! I'm getting in my truck AND in my car and I'm driving away from that 20 year old criticism. (High Tension is 20 years old, can you believe it? C'est incroyable!)

art blitz super sale redux!

First of all, don't forget: Monday is Film Club Day! It's been a long time a-comin', I know. Are you psyched for...The Devil's Rain? I am. Watch it, write it up, send a link to me at stacieponder at gmail dot com and join the gang!

Hey, remember that time when I had a TOTALLY INSANE FIRE SALE on my stick figure art? Huh, do ya? No? Oh. Hmm. I was under the impression that you were hanging on my every word, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well. Click here to travel back into the past and learn all about it! Then come back here to the present.

Back? Good. Now then, the point of this is, I'm having another sale. 3 cards for $30! Hooray! Check out my gallery full of samples to see what's in store for ya...though the subject matter of your cards is (doy doy) up to you.

I'm also open for painting commissions- you can check out my gallery here. Email me to talk price, as size obviously varies.

"Take me home!"

You're probably not wondering why I'm having a Sale of Madness, but I'll tell you anyway. This morning I woke up to a dead computer monitor. No power, no nothin'. I kind of need one to use my desktop computer, which has...well, my whole GD life on it! All the programs I use for movie editing, scanning...really, everything, is on my desktop. Right now I'm using my Wicked Old Laptop, which has internet, MS Word, and Screenwriter, which means I can't do much.

So...art for sale = money = monitor. There you go. I'm not sure what variety of whore this makes me, although I'm sure I'm one with a heart of gold!

who likes art?

Really? That many people? Neat! Now, then: how many people like art and would like to own some?


Well, if you raised your hand, you're in luck. I'm having a...a...FIRE SALE on stick figure sketch cards- they're going for the low, low, LOW SO LOW IT'S INSANE price of $12 each, including shipping in the US. Yes, a mere $12 each...or 3 for $30!

Wow, I feel so Crazy Eddie right now.

Here's a samplin' of the type of card you'll get to clutch to your very own bosoms if you take me up on this offer:

To see more examples, you can totally click here. WOW I SAY. Subject matter is your choosing, and you're certainly not limited to horror movies or video games. If you want a card of your Aunt Ethyl, that's fine by moi.

I feel like "Ethyl" is the go to name for old aunts, but has anyone ever actually HAD an Aunt Ethyl?

Anyway. I'm doing this LAST DAYS LIQUIDATION SALE because post-production costs on Ludlow have skyrocketed. It's just typical Hollywood budget bloating- no longer satisfied with munching on peanut butter toast while I'm editing, I want to upgrade to grilled cheese. So help a bitch out and put me to work! You get some art, I get some grilled cheese. It's the right thing to do and the tasty way to do it!

Email me at stacieponder at gmail.com to talk turkey. Paypal is totes welcome. Oh, and just in case folks don't know what a sketchcard is, it's...a card on which an artist sketches.

Ha ha ha! But really, they're baseball card-sized pieces of art, 2.5" x 3.5".