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Buffy Summers vs. Edward Cullen

Pretty funny.


Is it just me or does Michael Sheen look like some kind of vampire pimp?


Read the script over the weekend. I’m sure the target audience will be more than satisfied, but it’s a bit bland for us non-Twilighters.

I was expecting something with a lot more bite. There’s a heavy chunk of script that involves Bella and Edward just feeling each other out. Does he hate her? Maybe she should hate him back? He smiled at me! What does that mean? Does my hair smell? Standard teen stuff.

“Twilight” isn’t trying to be “Romeo and Juliet” -- or Buffy and Angel for that matter. There’s not a lot of plot and cheesy dialogue runs rampant. The story works because of Bella. She’s at an awkward age and her vulnerability comes through. The idea of a magical protector coming to her rescue and also desiring her, is the sort of wish fulfillment that probably appeals to most fans of the books.

I know “Moonlight” got the axe last season, but I think there’s a big audience for a teen vampire show. “TruBlood” looks too weird to fit the bill.

Twilight cast

I’m not the target audience but I hear the kids are really into the books. There hasn’t been a good angsty vampire flick in a while. Let’s see how this adaptation goes.