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Top Ten – Richard Crouse

Canadian film critic Richard Crouse seems to have his hands full with regular gigs in mainstream television, radio and print journalism, yet still manages to find the time to indulge in his lifelong passion for cult cinema. His most recent tome is The Son of the 100 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a follow-up [...]

Top Ten – Arbogast

The Horror Blog Top Ten returns from a short stint in the grave with today’s selection, hand-picked by the Mad Monk of horror blogging, Arbogast. For the month of October Arbogast has cast aside his idiosyncratic musings on weird cinema to concentrate once more on the extraordinary screams of the damned, with a serving [...]

Top Ten – Sam Costello

Three years ago, Sam Costello escaped the horror blog ghetto in order to concentrate on something far more rewarding, the creation of his horror webcomic, Split Lip. In concert with the blood-stained hands of a diverse set of like-minded and talented artists, Sam has crafted over 25 short stories of terror, each with their [...]

Top Ten – David Z.

Proprietor of the wonderful Tomb It May Concern, David Z. is one of the world’s foremost authorities on matters concerning Christina Lindberg, Yor, the Pastapocalypse and other equally compelling topics. He’s also the only individual other than Satan to have a Horror Roundtable devoted to him. If you like what you see, please [...]

Top Ten – Guy N. Smith

The Horror Blog is very proud to present the eclectic top ten horror movie list of a living legend, one of the masters of pulp horror, Guy N. Smith. For nearly four decades the prolific Mr. Smith has been delivering lurid masterpieces to his legion of rabid fans. Like a runaway train full [...]

Top Ten – Jay Stephens

With comics including The Land Of Nod, Jetcat and Atomic City Tales, Jay Stephens has established himself as one of the great contemporary humour cartoonists. However, it’s his creation of two animated series, Tutenstein and The Secret Saturdays, with which Stephens is shaping the next generation of Monster Kids. And as if all [...]

Top Ten – David Wellington

David Wellington is one of the hardest working authors in horror, crafting unique interpretations of classic creatures for both the internet and print. His latest is the werewolf tale Frostbite, available in bookstores today, though if you’d like to try before you buy you can read the entire novel here, along with some of [...]

Top Ten – Bruce LaBruce

Canadian provocateur extraordinaire Bruce LaBruce has taken his love for both horror and pornography and combined them to create the melancholy gay zombie movie Otto; or, Up with Dead People, available on DVD through Strand Releasing. Hoping to strengthen his claim to the burgeoning zombie porno industry, LaBruce is hard at work on his [...]

Top Ten – Tim Lucas

Renaissance man of the Fantastique, Tim Lucas is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter, critic, and blogger. A select few of his most recent achievements include the completion of the acclaimed biography Mario Bava: All The Colors Of The Dark and shepherding Video Watchdog to its 150th issue. He’s forgotten more about strange cinema than [...]

Top Ten

For the month of October The Horror Blog will be showcasing top ten horror movie lists provided by some of my favourite horror pundits and professionals. I was inspired by the poll conducted by Sight & Sound once every decade, where various filmmakers and critics submit their list of top ten films, which is [...]