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this is only a test

Dudes, dudettes, and others:

The Film Club post on Black Sabbath is coming, but not until later! I was totally out of commission yesterday because for some reason, technology has been doing nothing but pooping on my neck since I got back from vacation. In a space of ten days, my internet has gone out for days; my computer crashed hard enough to require actual, you know, fixing; my fucking Xbox fucking DIED DIED FUCKING DIED TWO DAYS BEFORE MASS EFFECT 2 WAS RELEASED (as you can see, I feel strongly about that); and AT & T has totally screwed up the big switch from DSL to Fiber Optic Whatever Whatever here at Casa de Final Girl and CoHabiTron 3000, leaving us without phone, internet, or TV for going on two days now. I'm writing this on World's First Laptop (now: featuring a battery that lasts 15 minutes!), which means the FGFC post will have to wait until my home internet issues are resolved- which should happen ANY MINUTE NOW or...well, I'd say "or else!" but I'm unsure what the repercussions would actually entail.

Why technology has suddenly turned on me, I have no idea. Word of warning, though: if it continues, I may become some sort of neo-Luddite. Don't worry, this doesn't mean I'll stop writing Final Girl! It just means I'll have to write it all out on paper and we'll have to mail entries to one another like a chain letter. Sure, the last person on the list may not read a post until 27 months after I've written it, but it's better than nothing (maybe). Don't blame me, blame...TECHNOLOGY. Or AT & T.