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getcher ear holes ready…

...'cause Heidi and I have a pretty sweet episode of The Scare-ening lined up for you tomorrow night. It's fixin' to be Nightmare-alicious! Join us as we welcome co-directors Dan Farrands and Andrew Kasch along with writer Thommy Hutson- the ones who brought horror fans the superlative Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. Yes, that's right: the documentary featuring everything you could ever want to know about the Nightmare on Elm Street series. I'm sure we'll find something to talk about. Oh yeah, and we have another guest tomorrow as well!

KA-BLAM! Nancy herself, Heather Langenkamp, will be on the show. So like I said, get your ear holes ready! 8pm PST/11pmEST. Be there- don't make Nancy turn her back on you and call you shit.

use your ears!

Tonight, all none of your dreams will come true if you tune into The Scare-ening at 8pm PST! Like so:

My co-host and cohort Heidi and I will be taking your calls (yes, calls from YOU!) and talking about, among other things, The Human Centipede. Those of you without ears should not fear: I'll be reviewing the film here soon.

Until tonight, my sweets. Mua ha ha, or something.

brace yourselves

First off, the bad news: there will be no new episode of The Scare-ening this week.

I KNOW. It'll be back next week, I assure you. Tonight, however, both my co-host Heidi and I are attending a screening of The Human Centipede. I'm excited! I really used to love playing the old Atari videogame Centipede, and I'm pretty sure this movie is an adaptation of it. I can't believe they've given it the big-screen treatment. It's not as if the game really had a ton of back story.

Kidding! Everyone knows that The Human Centipede concerns a mad scientist who fuses together the mouths and anuses of a bunch of living people together in order to form...you know, a human centipede. I have to say, that's not at all the type of thing I imagined when I played Centipede so long ago. I am looking forward to it, I think, kind of sort of in a way. I mean, it almost begs to be seen, yeah? I just hope there's more to it than shock value, and I don't leave the theater depressed.

In other news, it's time for the Film Club Choosening! Pikachu City of the Living Dead, I choose you!

So much crying in this post, geez.

Yes folks, I say we get our Italian zombie movie on with Lucio Fulci's 1980 grossterpiece, City of the Living Dead- or as you may know it, The Gates of Hell. Christopher George! Catriona MacColl! YEAH!

The due date is Monday, May 24. If you write about it, shoot me a link to your piece at stacieponder (at) gmail (dot) com. Please! Please please! If you want your post to be included in the Film Club, your entry must link back to me. Whether it's my specific post about the movie in question or just my site in general, it doesn't matter. You don't have to say anything big, just mention my site or the Club or what have you- but if there's no link, I'm not going to post your piece, sorry. I love that people want to participate, so I've been posting whatever links are sent to me, but sometimes this results in writers sending in their reviews from five years ago. That's fine, and I don't mind if someone does that, but the original post needs to be edited to include a link to me. I feel like a douchey linkwhore bringing it up, but it's really the only Film Club rule. I feel a bit better knowing that I'm not actually a douchey linkwhore, and that if the Club didn't have any rules, there would be complete and total chaos. People writing about different movies, people writing backwards, people setting their computers on fire and listening to rock and roll...folks, we don't want that.

Okay, maybe we do a little, but my point stands.

The film: City of the Living Dead
The due date: Monday, May 24


Forget you not, The Scare-ening V: A New Beginning will be airing alive alive alive at 8pm PST/11pm EST. Heidi and I know we can't possibly top last week's episode with Joe Bob Briggs, so this week it'll be just the two of us...and your calls, if you call in! I have no idea what we'll be discussing yet, but I'm sure we'll think of something.

Hmm. That might not be the best way to sell the show. Eh.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finally go enjoy some Del Monte Ketchup. Yes, at long last! Not having a man around the house, I've never been able to get the ketchup out of those darn bottles. Thank you, Del Monte!

I’m so totally reminding you…

...that tonight's episode of The Scare-ening will feature the legendary Joe Bob Briggs*. I think you should call in to talk to him- I mean, it's a live program and he's contractually obligated** to take your calls. You can also log into the show's chat room to ask questions if that's more your style.

8pm PST/11pm EST- be there and be square!

* If you don't know who Joe Bob Briggs is, I'm not sure we have anything left to say to each other.

**not true

easy like monday mornin’

A few things of note!

- I almost forgot...this is the last week to vote in the Rondo Awards! Voting closes April 3rd. The ballot is daunting and it generally serves to remind me how many movies I have not seen in the last year; however, you don't have to vote in every category. Final Girl is nominated in category 15, Best Horror Blog. I think that's neat and I'm thrilled to be nominated.

- Magnet has snagged US distribution rights to [REC] 2 and...gasp...they're planning an early July theatrical release for the film. THEATRICAL! RELEASE! THEATRICAL! I can't wait.

- This week on The Scare-ening, Heidi and I will be welcoming Joe Bob Briggs as our special guest. Joe Bob Briggs! Yes, of Drive-In Theater and MonsterVision. Yes, that Joe Bob Briggs. Yes, it's very exciting, and yes, you should call in to talk to him.

- I realize that there is an abundance of exclamation marks and a dearth of pictures in this post. Well, 1) there are many exciting things happening in this post and as such exclamation marks are appropriate (though, yes, overused)...and 2) Blogger is being a cooch swell.

This week on The Scare-ening…

...we've got some amazing guests lined up: Heidi Martinuzzi of Pretty/Scary and Stacie Ponder of Final Girl! They want you (yes, YOU) (but not YOU) to call in and ask them questions and tell them what to talk about. It is destined to be the most glamourous episode of anything in the history of ever, no?

The Scare-ening III: In 3-D will really help you hone your calling in and asking stuff skills in preparation for our guest for The Scare-ening IV, an episode in which you will have a chance to interact with a true horror brainiac, hero, and luminary.

Tune in tomorrow (that's "Wednesday" in weekspeak) at 8pm PST/11pm EST and get yer ask on!

If you didn’t listen to my show live…

...well, I guess that's okay. I'll try not to take it personally- in fact, I'll put all the blame on my co-host. Still, you can redeem yourself by downloading last night's episode The Scare-ening 2: The Re-Scare-ening. We had terrific guests, weird callers (seriously, what was up with Danielle Harris that guy?), and much NSFWness. Listen today and be the envy of everyone in the whole world!

This could be you!

don’t forget!

Tonight at 8pm PST / 11pm EST join me and Heidi Martinuzzi for The Scare-ening! We'll be chatting with actress/writer Brea Grant of Heroes and Halloween 2. You can totally call in and, like, talk to her and stuff. Only a jerk wouldn't want to do that!

The Scare-ening, with guest Brea Grant

This may be Photoshopped.

wherein the next guest is announced…

This week on The Scare-ening, Heidi and I will be welcoming actress/writer Brea Grant. She was on Heroes, she was in Rob Zombie's Halloween II, and with her brother Zane she's the co-author of We Will Bury You, a new comic mini-series from IDW Publishing. Brea is so rad that she'll also be taking your questions- yes, even questions from YOU.

Having her on the show means I need to watch Halloween II...so you'd all better listen, dammit. Don't let my suffering be in vain!

Okay, that's not fair. Who knows, maybe I'll love H2! Weirder things have happened...like that time I went to eat some Cheez-Its and I found two of them fused together. Man, that was weird!

one down…

Well, the first episode of The Scare-ening is in the can. If you visit the show page, there are links that will allow you to download it directly or through iTunes. It's, uh, NSFW.

It's also essentially an hour of madness. There are some kinks to work out and issues to resolve, and we'll get better at this stuff as we go. The show airs live, which leaves one (me) feeling all sorts of pressure. Life on the edge, I tells ya...it's as dangerous as it is glamorous!

Thanks to anyone who listened, and big thanks to our guests Hannah Neurotica of Ax Wound, Andrew Shearer, Monica Puller, and Rachael Deacon of Gonzoriffic, Brian Solomon of The Vault of Horror, and Brittney-Jade Colangelo of Day of the Woman.

Any and all hate mail should be sent to my co-host Heidi Martinuzzi. Hooray!

wherein i am so excited…

...I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and you know what? I think I like it! It's time to announce the launch of...dun dun dunnnn...


If you can read that banner, then you know what's what: Heidi Martinuzzi of Pretty/Scary and I are hosting The Scare-ening, a weekly podcast/radio show thing on Blog Talk Radio starting THIS WEDNESDAY at 8pm PST. Every week we'll have, like, guests and stuff and listeners can totally call in. This week we're talking Women in Horror Month, bloggers, Rondos...really, as much as we can cram into an hour.

Click here for some details...or this, the show's page on Blog Talk Radio. We created a Facebook fan page, so...you know...add it or something. It'll soon be available for download on iTunes, as well.

I'm really looking forward to this! Hooray for everything! Oh, and we'll be recording LIVE, so...whatever that means.