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Dollhouse: Target

UPDATE: Viewership dropped from 4.7 to 4.2 million viewers. The 18-49 demos were also down.

Better than the pilot, which isn't saying a heck of a lot. We got more info on Alpha's rampage, Echo's handler and Echo becoming more aware of her situation. The biggest question tonight's episode raised for me was, 'Is The Middleman coming back for another season?' The ratings for last week's premiere were pretty decent for a Friday night, around 4.6 million viewers -- not "Ghost Whisperer" numbers, but still decent. I'm interested to see if folks came back for seconds...

Liveblogging Dollhouse

9:10pm The dream date thing was okay...

9:12 I could do without the theme song. Makes me sleepy.

9:15 Amy Acker. Yay!

9:17 How about putting some locks on the mindwipe room?

9:23 Chicks with glasses = smart.

9:25 Why not get a real negotiator?

9:35 Uh-oh. Echo's starting to short circuit. Can't believe we're at the halfway point already. Not a lot happened.

9:40 You can't fight a ghost! Seriously?

9:46 We have a mission!

9:58 The last ten minutes or so were good, but overall this was one of the season's weaker pilots -- even "Own Worst Enemy" started off stronger and had a much better grip on their concept. Didn't even feel like a Whedon show. Maybe there's just too much going on. The concept would be great as a feature, but not so much as a series. Hopefully, "Dollhouse" will find its legs after a couple of episodes.