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Next Friday

Things aren’t looking good in Hollywood -- or anywhere else -- these days. Read all about the doom and gloom here.

ABC axed “Life on Mars” earlier in the week. No big surprise. I had given up on it a while ago. Intriguing premise that was never able to find its footing.

It’s doubtful, but I wish NBC would give their “Life” a shot on the USA Network. Aren’t characters supposed to be welcome there?

The CW dusted off the cobwebs and “Reaper” had its mid-season premiere on Tuesday. Good episode, but didn't resolve any of the nagging questions from last season. Also got killed in the ratings -- something like 2.3 million viewers?!

After a false start, I’m back on track with the new script -- giving the sequence method a try this time around. Been busy mapping out the story with index cards... so far so good. The old script is getting a polish for some upcoming contests.

Just a quick hit and run:

“One Missed Call”

Another Asian horror remake gone bad. Really wished I “missed” that one. Didn’t care for the original, so I should have known better. Check out Shannon Sossamon in a much more interesting flick,
“Wristcutters: A Love Story”.