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Top #Storystarters of 2014

2014 may be gone, but not forgotten. Here are my favorite headlines from the past year. Maybe they'll inspire a screenplay or two in 2015.

 1. Strange Creature Washes Up On Santa Barbara Beach

 2. Is comet 67P actually an alien spaceship?

 3. Hiker Discovers Abandoned Town Inside Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park

 4. Gamer Finds Dad's 'Ghost' In Old Xbox Game

 5. Alleged Grave-Robbing Cannibal Brothers Arrested — Again

 6. Portland Police Seek Flasher With Intestines Growing out of His Face

 7. 'World's most haunted island' up for sale...is anyone brave enough to buy it?

 8. The Mystery of the Devil’s Bible

 9. 500-Year-Old Vampire Grave Unearthed in Polish Marketplace

10. Scientists revive 30,000 year old 'giant virus' from Siberian permafrost

11. A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane — And Nobody Knows What's Causing It

12. Exorcism Death Priest Released from Prison

Giant sea worm discovered

This has the "most dangerous night on television" written all over it... (link)

Story Starters

Here are some story starters that I had planned to post on Friday the 13th:

DNA test screens sports ability

Dracula fish.

Paralyzed for 20 years, man walks again after spider bite.

Police hunt radioactive man on the run.

Rancher blames aliens on cow mutilations.

Vampire discovered in mass grave.

Story Starters

Couldn't let Friday the 13th go by without some of these

Attempts to contact Aliens date back more than 150 years

Canada's Stonehenge

Mexico unearths mass grave from Spanish conquest

Newspaper claims car thief transformed into goat

Best of 08: Story Starters

Haven’t decided if I’ll be posting story starters this year, but here are some of my faves from 2008...

38 dead after being bitten by vampire bats.

Between 150 and 200 real-life superheroes operate in the United States.

Eight real-life Doctor Frankensteins.

Man with suicide victim's heart takes own life.

Werewolf boy appeals to doctors for cure

The Woman Who Can't Forget ANYTHING

Woman wakes up from coma as her funeral is being planned

Story Starters

Blood sucker implicated in father's murder.

Burglar: Ghost held me captive for 3 days.

'Evil water' linked to mysterious drownings.

Ghosts, aliens and us.

Hairy sea monster cast ashore.

Human-sized heart left at car wash.

Story Starters

Albino girl killed for body parts

Giant bat thrives after near extinction

Paranoia on the rise, experts say

Prisoner's death linked to ancient curse

Sharing demons on the web

Woman found living with three dead siblings

Unhappy people watch lots more TV

Story Starters

'Eternal Sunshine' drug selectively erases memories

"Spider God" Temple Found in Peru

Stalked at midnight ... by a hearse

Vampire Moth Discovered

Woman arrested for killing virtual husband

Young blonde woman's ghost haunts restaurant

Story Starters

Eight real-life Doctor Frankensteins.

Girl who spontaneously bleeds from pores baffles doctors.

Hurricane washes up "ghost ship".

Millionaire businessman flees haunted mansion.

Poltergeist follows teen home.

Scientists fear mutant fish has started killing people.

Story Starters

Angels set to be the next big thing

Hackers attack Large Hadron Collider

'Pre-crime' detector shows promise

Ripper 'claimed earlier victims'

Scientists study 'out of body experiences'

Why the fascination with the end of the world?

Women 'more prone to nightmares'

Story Starters

84-year-old man shoots himself five times in the head, once in the stomach - and survives

Army Funds 'Synthetic Telepathy' Research

Corpse in Puerto Rico embalmed, kept upright for three days to celebrate wake

Ga. town's scarecrows h(a)unting for world record

Mexicans get microchipped over kidnapping fears

Premature baby 'comes back to life'

Story Starters

38 dead after being bitten by vampire bats

Buried loot a mystery for authorities

The gene for horror movie appreciation

Passenger stabbed and beheaded on Canadian bus

- Bus beheading similar to Windigo phenomenon

Veteran Bigfoot Bounty Hunter Claims Big Find

Werewolf boy appeals to doctors for cure

Woman's dead body found in blood-spattered apartment; no sign of foul play

Dead Monster Washes Ashore

Dead Monster Washes Ashore In Montauk

If you can't turn this into a script, then just give up already!

Story Starters

The $10,000-a-month psychic
Cat killed in Missouri was a leopard
Europe's last executed witch to be exonerated
Indian baby "back from the dead"
'Lucky' girl hit by lightning, then wins lottery
Rabbit ripper shocks Germany