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23:45 – Vampyres



So, how 'bout those Oscars, huh? Though Heidi and I will be discussing them TOMORROW on the premiere episode of The Scare-ening, I wanted to touch on them briefly here at The Old FG Place.

I am so excited about The Scare-ening. Sorry, just had to say that.

First of all, yes, the tribute to horror montage. A few clips were included that had most of us horror nerds scratching our heads and frothing at the fangs (Edward Scissorhands? Beetlejuice?)- yes, the appearance of Twilight was pandering- but come on now. What do we expect? It's the Oscars. While I think that some of the greatest films of all time fall under the horror umbrella, the tribute was a bit out of place and, frankly, bizarre. It was a little à propos of nothing, wasn't it? While that made it all the more awesome...well, I don't know. Maybe I'm in the "I'll take what I can get for now" camp with regards to horror being acknowledged by the mainstreamiest of mainstream Hollywood events. They showed Leprefuckingchaun and mongoloid baghead Jason crashing through a window. While Lauren Bacall sat in the audience and watched. That, my friends, is gold.

Let's not forget that Roger Corman got an Academy Award, as did Bob Murawski. So, there's that.

Then, of course, there's Kathryn Bigelow's win. I don't want to get into it too much (ahem, The Scare-ening, cough), but...it's a big deal. It's a really big deal- and yes, I say "big deal" bearing in mind that it's about movies and not, like, curing cancer. In terms of film, however, it's huge, for so many reasons. The sight of her clutching her two Oscars is not one that's likely to leave my brain place anytime soon- and I'm sure most every horror fan was thinking about Near Dark.

While we're not forgetting about things, let's not forget about Quentin, either...or, lawd help me, Eli Roth sitting there, pomaded within an inch of his life. Overall, horror had a damn fine night at the Kodak.

It's kind of funny- when Near Dark was a Film Club pick just about two years ago, I wrote "Remember Kathryn Bigelow?"- not that she hadn't done anything over the years, obviously, but it had been a while since her name had been tossed around. Little did we (or, maybe just I) know that she was cooking up The Hurt Locker, and that with it she'd make history and it's really so fucking cool I can't take it.

But enough about that. Until tomorrow.

Over at Halloween Addict, the aforementioned horror montage has been broken down. One or two clips are unidentified...get your magnifying glass out and solve the mystery (I'm right about A Nightmare on Elm Street, though, dangnabbit)!

Proving that the Oscars ain't the only Awards show in town, The Vault of Horror's Brian Solomon has once again wrangled the Cyber-Horror Awards into existence. Mind you, these are not awards for movies about cyber-horror (unfortunately). No, these awards are chose by people who write about horror in a cyber-fashion. I am one of these people! I think I got one category right, which probably proves something or other.

You probably haven't been wondering what happened to 23:45, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I had to slow that shit down, y'all! I blasted through all of my movies in a couple of months. Well, not all of them, exactly, but the stuff on DVD that I've already seen. I don't want to spoil movies I've yet to see, and VHS is a bitch for screencaps. But! There will be more on the way, just...you know, once a week or so. I decided to flip that number, though, and start 54:32 simply because I can. I think it's neat, okay? So in just a few moments...hold onto your pants...I'll have the first one posted. Whatever will it be?

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