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Indie Horror Feature “Hellstorm” Signs Scream Queens to Ensemble Cast‏

Hellstorm writer/director Keith Smith is brewing up some of the top ladies in indie horror! Debbie Rochon, Devanny Pinn (15 Til Midnight, Piranha 3-D), Natacha Izel (100 Tears, Jonah Hex) and Regan Deal (Cabin Fever 2) have signed on to star in what is shaping up to be one of the biggest Indie Films to come [...]

First Look at “15 Till Midnight” Trailer

We’ve been following the development of the intriguing-looking independent film, 15 Till Midnight, for a while now and are extremely excited to finally see the first teaser trailer for the sci-fi/horror film! And, damn – the trailer looks pretty awesome!! The film, a genre-bending combination of science fiction, horror, action, and mystery, stars Brandon Slagle (who also [...]