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Aliens Vs Predator – Requiem

So glad I didn’t see this in theaters. Better action than the first installment, but a weaker story and a little too dark for my taste -- I mean literally too dark, there were times where I couldn’t see who was killing what.

I have give “Transformers” credit, because it did a superior job of weaving humans into a story about battling aliens. Seriously. They’re mostly fodder here, zero character development. If you could mash up the first and second film, this could have been a fun ride. Another thing missing from the “A vs. P” films is the psychological battle, people revealing their true selves and motivations. Sure, there was action and gore in the now classic films, but there was also a lot of back stabbing, cowardice and devious plotting going on too. Instead, we’re stuck with lame stock characters and their boring lives. You’re practically rooting for them to be killed the minute they’re introduced.

Lots of winks and nods to the franchises ain’t enough to pull of an entertaining film. The unproduced, futuristic script of “Aliens vs. Predator” was a much better concept -- and probably too costly to pull off.